Fall Boots for the Family with Rack Room Shoes

This post is sponsored by Rack Room Shoes. Although compensated all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Dare I say fall is here, and here to stay? I know it’s officially been fall for a few weeks, but the temperatures say otherwise, at least here in Pennsylvania!

The girls (and I) have been dying to start dressing for fall, mainly swapping sandals for boots, but it’s just been so darn hot! One of the things I love most about fall, especially the start of fall, is switching our wardrobes over to cozy knits, layers, boots and booties! Of course, like most children, the girls are constantly.growing. I don’t know why I am always so shocked when they try on clothes and shoes from last year followed with a “it doesn’t fit, Mommy.” Buying them new things, especially shoes seems to be in the cards season after season!

With being weeks away from having Baby #3 my time (and energy) is limited-the thought of going all over town and back again to get the girls and myself (because I can’t leave myself out-lol) things seems to daunting!

One of the many reasons I love Rack Room Shoes-they’re a one stop shop for the whole family. I know I can get good, quality shoes for myself and the girls (and Ryan too). The girls-especially Charlotte-are hard on their shoes so for us it’s important to find ones that will last them the whole season and will stand up to recess, school, and just being a kid. Also, knowing that they will most likely only wear these shoes for one season I don’t like to spend a lot of money-Rack Room is super affordable and the price is right for us!

Knowing I can get the girls what they need and get myself something from the same place has a tendency to eliminate some stress on my end-the less running around for me the better. Plus they always have a great selection-always a fun selection for the girls and on trend shoes for me!

I’m always a sucker for anything leopard, and these dot leopard ankle booties grabbed my attention! The print is a neutral to me so I know I will wear them with so much! Plus, they are an easy on and off-perfect for my busy schedule I have ahead of me!

One of the things I love about the girls is they have such different styles and tastes that match their personalities! Ella typically leans more towards comfort, which is why she loves her Koolabura by Uggs so much. Easy on, easy off, and she can wear them with her leggings and t-shirts she likes to sport just about every day (but they also look cute with her jeans, for days she feels like “dressing up”).

Charlotte on the other hand is a mini version of me when it comes to her clothes and outfits. Yes, like most kids she likes to be comfortable but she also loves to be on trend and in style. She loved her Cupcake Couture boots because they resemble what grown ups wear and look cute with her dresses and jeans! Plus-and this is super important-she can still play on the playground at recess when she wears them!

Between October 2-6, Rack Room Shoes is having their Friends and Family sale with some styles up to 60% off (some exclusions apply)-all of our boots are included in the sale! There really are so many great options, not just for myself and the girls but for the guys in your life, too!

I will share some of my favorites for you to shop from, but encourage you to check out their website and take advantage of their Friends and Family sale!













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