My Two Favorite Maternity Jeans

As I’m nearing the end of my pregnancy I wanted to share with those who may need them, my two favorite maternity jeans throughout the whole pregnancy.

At the beginning (end of first/beginning of second trimester) I tried a  few different brands and styles of maternity jeans and settled on two different pair that I wore over and over again.

While there are different kinds of maternity jeans (elastic in the waist as opposed to over the belly), I prefer the over the belly (or full panel as some places call them) style. It’s definitely a personal preference but I just love the over the belly. To me it’s so much more comfortable, not to mention an easy on/off.

The two jeans I settled on for sure run the gamut (do people still say that or just Mom’s?! LOL) as far as price point-one pair is just under $30, and the other pair over $100 (but I did manage to get them on sale).

Let’s chat about my Target denim. Not pregnant, I am typically a size 12/14. I grabbed these in a 14 and they were huge  on me. I ended up wearing the size 10 and they fit me perfect. Really comfortable and something that I wore just about every single day. Plus they are just under $30-you really can’t beat that price!

Shop the Look

Shop the Look

Let’s talk my Madewell jeans! These are definitely on the more expensive side (I waited until there was a sale…I feel like they are always having sales). I am usually a 30/31 in Madewell denim and ended up with a size 29 but I do feel like I could have even worn the size 28.

Like my Target denim, they have the over the belly panel which is a favorite of mine. The raw hem is an added touch that I love-I even cut them a little to make the length work a smidge better for my height (I’m 5’4″).

Shop the Look

Shop the Look



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