What I Wore to My Baby Showers + My Maternity Dress Roundup for Showers/Weddings

Ryan and I were lucky enough to be blessed with two baby showers over the last two weekends. I had one in my hometown with my family and then one last weekend with friends and a few family members here in York! How lucky are we!

When we originally found out we were pregnant we weren’t sure or didn’t even think to register for things (hindsight, I don’t know why). I think because this is our third we thought it wasn’t necessary, but helloooo-we literally had nothing. We sold everything at a yard sale last summer, and the items we did have left over were very outdated or even expired, with most of it being purchased in 2008 when Ella was born! With the nudge and encouragement from my friend and my Mom, Ryan and I decided to register, and then when my Mom and friends offered to throw us baby showers, we couldn’t say no!

Word of advice-if someone, anyone is offering to throw you a shower or a sprinkle (a mini baby shower), DO IT. Say yes, please and thank you! You won’t realize the things you needed that you had no idea you did!

With having two showers, I took the opportunity to wear a different dress to each because, well…I wanted to! I will admit it was a little hard to find something that was comfortable and I felt great in-both important to me!

I did settle on two dresses that I absolutely loved (one is even versatile and I’ve been able to wear a little more dressed down). Not only have I linked them for you but I have rounded up some other great options that I have found along the way, too!

This dress was a bit of a splurge but honestly, I felt great in it, it was super comfortable and I knew I could not only wear it with heels for the shower but it would also look great with sneakers and a denim jacket! I am wearing the large and it fits so well! The shoes were a bit ambitious for the day, but I made sure to do plenty of sitting!

I absolutely loved this dress! The style of it was perfect, it had an incredible amount of stretch to it so it moved with me, and I thought the print was perfect for the shower! This particular style comes in a few colors and another print but ultimately I loved this one the best. I started with my typical 14 but it was just a little too big so I opted for the 12 and it fit perfectly.

Like the shoes for my previous shower, these were a bit aggressive (lol) but I just loved the look of them, and I made sure to do a lot of sitting! The earrings I grabbed on clearance at Target-the prefect finishing touch!

I found a ton of great options for you, whether you are having a more formal shower or a casual get together! Hope you love them!


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