Cecelia’s Nursery with Baby Relax

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It seems like yesterday I was just dreaming up what I wanted “Baby Girl’s” nursery to look like, and here we are sharing the whole reveal with all of you!

When I was pregnant with Ella, it was 11/12 years ago so styles and tastes were of course very different. When planning her nursery every single thing had to match, down to the large polka dots we painted on the walls! (it’s true-we used our dinnerware as stencils-haha). With Charlotte, I still had the same vision, but we already had the room painted being that it was at one point Ella’s room and some toddler bedding from Ella so we kind of worked around that-still matching everything, along with every nook and cranny ¬†filled with furniture of knick knacks or decor!


This time around, not just with the nursery, but with my overall outlook on everything, I just wanted simple. I didn’t want busy, I didn’t want unnecessary things, or gadgets or decor!

When thinking design I knew I wanted to stick with a white pallet-simple, clean! I thought white walls and furniture would help keep the nursery feeling calm! Baby Relax had just what we were looking for when it came to nursery furniture-simple, chic (meaning it didn’t scream ‘nursery furniture’) and it would last as Cecelia grows and we’d get years of use out of it!

The Baby Relax Miles 5-in-1 Convertible Crib was a great choice for our space-I love the modern look of it with the brass accents. We loved the look of the white, but it does come in a really gorgeous graphite blue finish as well. To accompany the crib we also got the Toddler Guard Rail to make the transition when she’s a bit older! Once out of the toddler stage the crib can even transition into a daybed and also a full size bed-I love having those options!

One big change that we made for this nursery was not getting an actual changing table. We had one for the girls and honestly it just collected random things once they started getting mobile. We decided with this nursery that we were happy getting a dresser and putting a changing pad on top of it, that way the dresser can be used year after year! The Miles 6 Drawer Dresser was the perfect addition-the drawers the perfect size, the same brass accents -that I absolutely love- as the crib, and its nice and compact in the room! The detail on it is just perfect!


As for the decor, it’s sort of a mish mosh of items that I’ve accumulated as I’ve been out and about. One thing that I am particularly proud of are the initials above the crib! I loved the look and idea of getting large gold clips to hang posters instead of traditional frames (and to be honest, its so much easier!). I designed the posters in Canva (that website is so great-I recommend it if you need to make any sort of graphics) and then had them printed on card stock locally! I found the large clips on Amazon at a pretty reasonable price. The clips were $10 for 6 of them and the posters were printed for less than $4! Totally affordable, right?!

Like I said a lot of this smaller decor pieces (like the initial hooks) are little things I picked up at home good stores and cannot be linked, but I have inked all of the other larger pieces below for you to shop!

Photos by Brady Pappas




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