Keeping Cecelia Safe with Nuna

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If there was one thing that was consistent throughout my whole pregnancy it was that I was constantly learning new things, and consistently feeling like a first time parent! There are so many awesome, new things and changes from when Ella and Charlotte were born!

One of the big things that we knew we needed to really learn about and research before purchasing was a stroller/car seat/travel system. That was one (of many) things that we didn’t hold onto of the girls and needed to replace!

We loved and settled on the Nuna Mixx Stroller, the Pipa Lite car seat and the Mixx Series Bassinet for many reasons, one of them obviously their safety, and also because of all of the awesome features they offer.

We loved the Mixx Stroller because of its compatibility with the Pipa Lite carseat (this attachment allows the carseat to be used with the stroller).

The seat itself in the stroller is reversible-your little one can face forward or face you! There are also removable pads that allows the stroller to grow with your baby. It also has a 5 position, one had recline from fully flat to upright! The all season seat converts to mesh in the summer but helps keep your little one cozy in the cooler months, and also has an adjustable calf support.

One thing that I always seem to have trouble with is closing/opening strollers (Ryan  makes fun of me for this lol) but this stroller is super easy and simple and fool proof!

The Pipa Lite carseat itself only weighs 5.3 lbs, which is less than all other car seats. That alone makes a huge difference when you’re constantly carrying the car seat and baby all over the place. The Pipa carseat also is made with Aeroflex foam, which absorbs and diffuses energy so your baby feels less impact. The true lock base installation guys-one of the BEST things about this car seat. I can’t tell you how many times with previous car seats I have ended up sweating when trying to install car seats and their base. The Pipa base just locks right in with an easy click and boasts a 5 second install. With a ‘green for go’ safety indicator, it’s easy to see that the base is safely installed!

There’s side impact protection, its FAA certified for aircraft use, there’s a five point harness for safety, and also a removable headrest so the seat can grow as the baby grows. The removable canopy is UPF 50+ and has a handy flip out eyeshade.

The Mixx Bassinet is another addition we got for our stroller and we’ve loved having it! We’ve been doing a lot of walking in our neighborhood (and lots of trips to the bus stop every day) and its come in handy. Cecelia loves it too! The second we lay her in its she is sound asleep! It is even approved for overnight sleeping and has a compatible stand (sold separately).

The oversized canopy is UPF50+ and has a removable, flip out eyeshade. The mesh panels help keep air circulating to keep your baby comfortable!

Being able to finally use our car seat and stroller has been such a dream. I love taking daily walks with Cecelia, and having the ease of getting her carseat in and out of car and the sense of comfort knowing she’s safe!


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