Mommy in Heels: Madewell Sale Favorite Picks

Happy Thanksgiving Eve! Madewell is having. really great sale right now which includes a lot of items I have and love so I wanted to share with you! I also hand picked some of my other favorite sale items that I think are worth getting!

All of my outfits are linked-keep in mind some of the items I am wearing are older so I am either unable to link them or linked similar!

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These jeans are my newest Madewell addition and I love them. I did size down one in them and while they do not have a lot of stretch to them the do stretch out a bit after some wear. I did order the petite length at first (I am 5’4″) and ended up exchanging them for the regular length and am pleased with them!

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I have had this jacket for months and wear it all the time-over dresses, jeans, tees, sweaters, etc. It’s lightweight enough to wear during the semi warm months but has enough weight to it to wear on crisp, cool days!

For sizing, I am wearing the large and it feels great. The jacket itself has no stretch to it but still fits comfortably!

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These maternity jeans were a great purchase early on. While they are more expensive than any other maternity item I bought they were worth it. It’s safe to say they (along with another pair of jeans) got the most wear!

They have a good amount of stretch and have the over the belly panel which I preferred when pregnant. I do recommend sizing down two from your pre pregnancy size!

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This cardigan is a popular one year after year. Same style, different colors! While this color combo is no longer available, there current one is equally as cute!

I did size down to a medium in this as the large was just a bit too oversized! It has some stretch to it and is deceivingly soft, too!

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These jeans are from last year but they have the same style this year (minus the frayed hem). They are incredibly comfortable, have stretch to them which is always a bonus and go with so much!

I did size down in them from my normal 31 to a 30 and they feel great!






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