Mommy in Heels: Gift Guide for Kids

Bits & Bytes: This awesome game teaches kids the fundamentals of coding and computer programming. This is a great idea for a variety of ages and its under $20!

Beats Wireless Headphones: This is definitely a splurge, so I would say this is more of a tween/teen gift! What tween isn’t tied to their devices and listening to music?! I am pretty certain these headphones would get used plenty, and with their good quality they should last!

LEGO Duplo: These are great for the young ones that you may be gifting this year. My girls especially loved them, and they were a great stepping stone into your traditional LEGOS!

Garmin Activity Tracker: Another gift that is great for a wide age range. My girls have something similar and they love to compete with each other as far as how many steps they have taken that day and how many active minutes they’ve had! A great add on to this gift (or even a stocking stuffer) would be different bands for it!

Kindle Kids Edition: Who wouldn’t love this?! If your child is anything like Ella, she has to read every day for school homework and then also reads at bedtime-something like this would be super convenient and save time as far as being able to quickly download books!

Hatchimals Wow: This is at the top of Charlotte’s Christmas list. One of those toys that you don’t quite get but your kid does-haha!

Osmo Creative Starter Kit: Another item that is on Charlotte’s Christmas list-I love this because it encourages creativity and is something that will keep their brain moving and grooving!

Razor Scooter: I feel like this is a classic gift. Both boys and girls alike love this scooter and it will last them for years!

Carpool Karaoke: My apologies in advance for this-haha! But really, how fun would this be to help pass the time in the car?! It may get loud but it sure beats hearing “are we there yet?” over and over again!

Roblox Jailbreak: I don’t quite understand Roblox, but Ella and Charlotte love it! For the longest time I even thought it was called Road Blocks, but here we are-haha! If your child is a fan, this is the perfect gift!

LOL Surprise: Another popular toy year after year-I know a lot of little ones (Charlotte included) that would love this!

Laser Tag Set: I shared these last year and I’ve shared them on stories as well. We love using these as a family a lot! This is great for the winter months when it gets dark super early and its too cold to play outside. It’s a really great alternative, and helps you put your devices away and burn some energy!


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