Mommy in Heels: Birthday Q&A

What are your favorite leggings that are “squat proof”

I have always loved my LIVI leggings-they are incredibly comfortable and I don’t feel like I have to constantly pull them up.

I also love my Lululemon Align leggings. I never understood the hype about them, but my best friend bought me a pair last year and I am in love with them. I wear a 12 and they fit me perfectly. I also wore them when I was super pregnant, too so they are bump friendly! She got them (and I also recommend this, too) from their We Made Too Much section so they are more affordable than splurging for them at full price!

What is your favorite denim brand?

Hands down, Madewell. I have had the best luck with them over the last few years. They fit so well and the quality is awesome. Their Boy Jeans are my absolute favorite followed by their Cali Demi Boot! I do suggest sizing down in their jeans and reading the reviews!

Shop my look

Shop my look

How did you know you were ready for another kid?

I was ready years ago, but it was something that Ryan was on the fence about for a while. Lots of discussions and chats about it and going back and forth. I chat about it in more detail in this blog post!

I also wrote a blog post about fears of having a third. There were and still are many, and we are navigating this new life but its so wonderful!

Does Cecelia have a schedule for sleeping/eating?

We do have her on a schedule. While we love a schedule and it does make things easier, we are not 100% glued to it and don’t have a problem being flexible with it. That is just what works for us. We know and understand that having an infant changes your life, but we also don’t want to be shut ins and not do anything or have the girls miss out on things because we have to stay home. If it’s something that is do-able and we can make it work without throwing a huge wrench in her schedule then we do it!

We typically feed her every 3 hours roughly. She is formula fed and has between 3-4 ounces with each feeding. We do wake her during the day to feed her but do not wake her during the night. She has been sleeping in her crib since our first night home (that’s what works best for us) so we let her wake us when she is hungry.

We take her up to bed every night between 7:30-8:00 and then do a dream feed around 10:30. She gets up on average once a night. While a full nights sleep would be awesome, it’s not the worst because she is generally pretty good with going right back to sleep. In the mornings she usually gets up between 7-8:00!

What is your pants size now after pregnancy?

Pre pregnancy I was a solid 14, now I am a 12/14 depending on the brand and what it is I am wearing. I am a little smaller than pre-pregnancy so still navigating my sizing.

Are you still doing WW?

I am not!

Best maternity jeans?

I did a blog post on my two favorite maternity jeans-you can read it here. Good maternity jeans are hard to come by and there are so many different styles but I narrowed my favorites down and wore them over and over!

What do you do with all of these clothes? Poshmark or another way to reuse?

I donate a lot to Purple Heart. You can schedule a pickup online and leave your donations outside of your house and they come and pick it up. It’s easy, convenient and I know I am donating to a those that need it.

If I don’t donate, I consign at a local store, My Girlfriend’s Wardrobe. She has a lot of really great things (if you love designer handbags, she is your gal) and she even ships!

What should I prioritize buying now that I’m in a bigger body?

Regardless of size, there are wardrobe staples that I always suggest you invest in! A good pair of medium wash skinny jeans. That particular style can be paired well with a variety of shoes from ballet flats, mules, sneakers to booties. A classic button up chambray shirt is another great staple. They last from season to season and can be styled so many different ways. It’s such a neutral piece. A good pair of black pants is something that can be worn multiple ways, work to play, play date to date night. I have this pair and love them because they look great with a pair of sneakers but look equally as great with a pair of heels. These are great starting basics-ones that are simple to build on! I think this is something that would make a great blog post-I’ll add it to my calendar!

What did you do before blogging?

I was a teacher! I taught high school business classes for several years and loved it! I do miss it from time to time but wow was it stressful! Teachers are amazing people and the profession is not for the faint of heart. I still keep in touch with some of my former students on facebook, which is so nice. I love to see them as adults, functioning members of society and even parents!

After I taught for several years my husband and I owned a custard shop. Worst two years ever and I hated every second of it, but had I not done that, I would not have met the gal (who I am still friends with today) that introduced me to my storefront, which led me to living my dream of having a boutique! There were SO many things that happened because of us having the custard shop that I don’t regret it one bit, no matter how much I hated it!

In the midst of all of that is when I started my blog. This year will mark eight years blogging!

What does your husband do?

He and his brother run their family’s plumbing company. He deals with new home construction. He also is in the process of building a custom home to sell and will continue doing that!

Are you looking forward to helping us with bathing suit season?

Yes! I love finding the best bathing suits for you all every year! I am heading to the Bahamas in April so I plan on sharing my bathing suit picks with you a little earlier this year! I can’t wait!

Can you tell us a little more about your post partum depression and anxiety?

I am working on a detailed blog post for you all chatting all about my post partum depression! I’ll open it up to a Q&A for you as well.



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