Wardrobe Investment Pieces: Six Items for Your Closet Worth Investing In

I love a good bargain, and I love finding affordable pieces to add to my closet, but there are some items that I don’t mind spending money on-investment pieces as I like to call them. They are items that I personally would not consider trendy-they’re pieces that are classic, timeless and can be worn year after year, season after season and are totally worth splurging on.

I’ve narrowed my list to six items that are worth investing in-a good utility jacket, a neutral pair of mules, a good pair of denim, a winter jacket, a good handbag and a blazer! Are they on the more expensive side? Yes, but if you factor in the cost per wear, it makes them worth the investment. I personally have these items I am sharing and have already gotten my money’s worth for them. Since I know some of my specific items might not be for everyone, I will also be sharing other similar items, too!

Utility Jacket

For me, a utility jacket is a year round item. It’s neutral, it can be dressed up or dressed down and can be used as not only a layering piece but also a functional jacket (as in, not just an accessory).

I have this utility jacket and love it. The quality is great and it has held up extremely well with so much wear and washing. I have worn it with jeans/tee and even over dresses. It’s incredibly versatile and something you will get so much wear out of!


Madewell Mules

If I am being honest, when I first got these I wasn’t sure I was going to keep them. I wasn’t sold on them, but a lot of you convinced me to just keep them and give them a try! I am SO glad I kept them! They wear so well, are super comfortable and they go with so much!

As far as sizing, I did size up to an 8 from my normal 7.5. Since they are true leather, I love the natural “wear and tear” of them as time and wearing progresses. I feel like they have molded to my feet! I can’t recommend them enough!


Madewell (or a good pair of) Jeans

There was a time where I did not and refused to spend a lot of money on jeans. I just couldn’t fathom spending over $100 on a pair of denim. Then I tried my first pair of Madewell jeans and I never looked back. I know there are so many brands of excellent denim out there (I will share some below), but Madewell has always worked so well for me. Their quality is the best and the fit is so flattering. Madewell is one brand that I am consistent in my sizing across their different styles which makes shopping online so much easier for me.

My go to styles are their Boy Jeans and their Cali Demi Boot. I have found that they are the most flattering on so many different shapes and sizes!


A Good Winter Jacket

This is something that I never really invested in until this year. I would always put off buying a good quality jacket and just purchase ones “to get me through the winter.” This year I decided to actually put some research and money into a good jacket that I know will not only keep me warm but will last year to year, and I won’t have to get rid of because it came apart at the seams or didn’t truly keep me warm (my ‘winter’ jacket I bought last year for really inexpensive).

The one I decided on is so darn warm-it’s not terribly heavy or thick so I was surprised at just how warm it keeps me! It comes in multiple colors and is currently on sale for 50% off. The sizes are going fast though! Since it is selling out quickly I will also share some other really great quality, good investment winter jackets for you!


Blair Ritchey Mini Penn Carryall

I know, I just shared this last week as one of my ride or die items, so it only makes sense that this bag is one of my must have investment pieces. While all of her bags are wonderful I have found that that Mini Penn Carryall is the most versatile-crossbody/backpack, it can hold so much, and I feel that it could be used if you are even transitioning from carrying a diaper bag (although she has a great option for a diaper bag) to not needing one-it holdsĀ thatĀ much!

When it comes to a bag worth investing in, I like to stick to neutrals so it pairs well with more. I know a lot of gals would also suggest higher end bags. That personally isn’t really my taste, but if it’s yours and you know it will get used then totally go for it!


J.Crew Sweater Blazer

Whether you work in an office setting that requires business attire or not, I think a good blazer is a closet staple, one worth investing in! I have had my fair share of blazers and finally invested in good ones over the last year-it makes all the difference! I settled on this blazer from J.Crew simply because they are super comfortable, and with the sweater material I think they are easier to dress down. I love to not only wear it with jeans and a nice top, I love to dress them down with a graphic tee and sneakers!

Another great blazer that I have added to my closet is this Gibson one. The notched collar is such a subtle touch that sets it apart from others!

















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