Mommy in Heels: Amazon Swimsuit Try On

I am so excited to be sharing this with you all! Even though its still winter, spring and summer will be here before you know it, which means swimsuit season!

I know how hard it can be bathing suit shopping-it’s not fun and it can be really frustrating! To make it a little easier for you, I’m trying on a bunch of bathing suits from Amazon for you! I am headed to the Bahamas in April with Ryan’s whole family so I needed to find some that would suit me-some of the ones I wore last summer are stretched out a tad from my baby bump so my suits need a little refresh!

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I felt really great in this suit-I am wearing the XL and it definitely fits but I feel like I would be a little more comfortable in a larger size. Despite only having one strap I do feel secure in the chest area which is always a concern of mine. Although I wish I were wearing my bathing suits to lounge in, that is not the case-I am typically parenting in my bathing suits so I always try and find ones that keep me in place and I don’t have to tug and pull at them!

What I also like about this suit is the strap can be untied so you can adjust it to fit you comfortably!

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I had high hopes for this one, but sadly I wasn’t a big fan of it! The bottoms hit me at a weird spot and just aren’t super comfortable. I also feel like the top isn’t secure and there is the potential for me to just fall out of it! Not something I need to be worried about!

I ordered this in the XL and just think I would need a larger size to be super comfortable in it. I will say though that despite it fitting odd on me it is a super cute bathing suit-it also comes in other leopard/color combos!

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I was a little concerned about how supportive this top would be-needless to say I was pleasantly surprised! I felt super supported and totally comfortable! The straps are adjustable and can be removed so if you’d like to wear it strapless you have that option! I think the smocking of the top helps with the fit!

I felt really great in the bottoms as well-really comfortable and I feel like the back had moderate coverage, which is always a must! The XL fit perfectly in both the top and the bottom!

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I loved this suit-wearing the XL and it fits me really well, but just a tad concerned there might be a bit too much sideboob (haha). It does come untied so it’s adjustable which is really nice. Also, someone recommended doing a little criss cross with the straps in the front and tying behind the neck-it helps secure the chest a little bit more!

Despite the side boob concern it is really comfortable and I feel like its so flattering!

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I absolutely loved this suit! It’s a really comfortable ribbed/waffle knit type suit. I am wearing the XXL and it fits well. I tend to size up when I am swimsuit shopping, no matter the brand of style of the bathing suit so I would say this one is true to size.

The back has a little lace up detail so it’s slightly adjustable. I do feel really secure in the top which I know is important for a lot of us when suit shopping!

It comes in multiple colors, and they are selling out fast!

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Oh my goodness you guys-this suit is amazing! I have seen this on so many women over the last year and honestly, it looks amazing on everyone! Someone mentioned it was like the jeans from the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants-it looks so good on everyone no matter the size!

This suit comes in so many different colors and even prints, too. As far as fit, I am wearing the XXL and it does fit well but I do feel like I could wear the XL comfortably, too!

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Warning-this suit comes with boob pads that are so ridiculously high you question who actually has boobs that perky. LOL. But, good thing is they are removable and the suit looks much better without them!

I have this suit in a different print from last year that I wore so much which makes it totally bump friendly!

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This might be another one of my favorites-so incredibly flattering, full coverage and its really comfortable!

It is available in so many colors, prints and there’s even options for different ruffles! I am wearing a size 16. I do feel like I could comfortable wear the 14 as well!

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This is my suit from last summer that was perfect for my bump! It has held up really well-the XL is perfect!



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