Activities and Fun Things to Do with Your Kids at Home

What a crazy time we’re living in right now. Schools are closed, non essential businesses (at least here in PA) were told to close and we are facing the next several weeks at home.

Although we are only on day 2, it has gone pretty well so far. Ask me next week though-I’m sure I won’t be singing the same tune. I know our girls will get antsy, we will all need our own space, and all of their toys/games will lose their luster after being played with so much (I realize these are all good problems to have).

As much as I would love to just let the girls play with their iPad’s non stop (the silence is nice-lol!), I just can’t let them! So like a lot of other parents, I shopped one of my go-to places to find some things for us to do over the coming weeks that are both fun and educational!

Would You Rather Eww Edition: My girls love these kind of questions, so as soon as I saw this I knew it was a keeper! They’re always fun to break up the day and get some giggles out of each other! They’re also great for long car rides!


Kanoodle: Friends of ours have this game and it’s a hard one! It definitely requires some thought and is something that can easily kill some time!


Wikki Stix: These things are so cool! We discovered them at a local restaurant and Charlotte in particular loved them! You can purchase them alone, but I loved the idea of the travel kit so we can take it on road trips!


Travel Tangram: This is something I always enjoy doing and always find challenging! My girls were super excited about this!


STEM Robot Toys: I think I am the most excited out of everyone about this set! With all of the parts included you have the option to make 12 different solar powered robots-no batteries are needed which is great (since I don’t even think we have any lol).


Fitness and Exercise Dice: It’s been so easy the last few days to be lazy, hasn’t it? We’ve gone for ¬†walks every day but other than that I feel like we need to get our blood flowing a little bit more. These were the first thing I added to the cart-I’m excited to do this with the girls! We’re definitely going to make it a family affair!


Would You Rather: Another great book for the girls that always gets us laughing!



Lunch Doodles with Mo Willem

Scholastic Learn at Home





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