Mom-fessionals: Things We All Do But Are Too Afraid to Admit

There are so many things I know all of us do or don’t do as Mom’s/parents that we never really talk about or share with others for fear of being judged or ridiculed. Sooooo I figured I would share with you some of my mom confessions in an effort to make us all feel not alone!


I know we’ve all been there-your child looses a tooth and you don’t have any cash on hand (because who has cash anymore, right?). We have been there so many times and have scrambled-we end up (on more than one occasion) reaching for the girls’ piggy banks for the Tooth Fairy loot!

“Hey Mommy can we go here? Hey Mommy can we go there?” Sooooo many requests that sometimes (more so with Charlotte than Ella at this point) we say “Oh they’re closed today!” We usually make up a reason, like construction, they’re closed on Tuesdays, etc. *Most* of the time it works!

We’ve started to navigate the whole play date thing with our girls over the last few years. There are so many unknowns when it comes to play dates! Adding your child’s social life to your already busy calendar can be exhausting, so sometimes, when the girls ask “Have you texted her Mommy yet to set up a playdate?” we may or might not tell a little white lie “Oh yeah I texted but they haven’t gotten back to me-so weird!”

This one I know for a fact I am not alone in! Don’t feel like cooking? Don’t have much in your pantry? Cereal for dinner. And sugary cereal, might I add!

I sneak snacks in the bathroom-I tell the girls I’m pooping (because they leave me alone now when I go to the bathroom) and I’ll take a snack in that I don’t want to share with them!

I’d like to say we are one of those parents that really limit their kids’ screen time, but I’d be lying. I mean, it’s not like their iPads or iPhone parent them, and it’s not all they do, but man sometimes it just feels good to have silence, and have them occupied. So yes, we should probably limit their screen time a little bit more but guys, we’re tired.

There have been random things, like Happy Meal Toys, or something they won in a claw machine that just collects dust. Ryan and both have thrown whatever it is in the trash (or recycled….relax). When we are questioned as to where it is or what happened to it we have been known to give a small (and calm, I might add) lecture of “you must have misplaced it-you should really take care of your things!” Terrible? Maybe a little….

Before the girls could truly tell time and we wanted something to end, we would say “ten more minutes” only to let a couple of minutes go by. Wow that was a fast ten minutes! On the contrary, if there were times where they wanted us to do something and we just didn’t want to quite yet (I know you’ve been there), we’ve said “give me five minutes!” Twenty minutes later….”wow that was a long five minutes!”

Sometimes I am eating or drinking something that I just don’t want to share. Plain and simple-lol! I may or may not have been known to fib to the girls a little by telling them there is alcohol in a drink and they can’t have it, or something is super spicy and they really wouldn’t like it.

Sometimes your frustration gets the best of you, right? I tend to have a terrible mouth-not around my girls- but I am definitely a person who swears a good bit. When the girls are acting up and my frustrations are getting the best of me I sometimes just want to tell them to “lost the fu***ng attitude” or to “just fu***ng listen to me” buttttt I don’t. Swearing like that just isn’t something I do in front of or at my girls (except that one time at Disney lol), so what do I do?

When they aren’t looking I either stick my tongue out at them or flip them off. Juvenile? Yes. Silly? Absolutely. But does it feel good and in some odd way get out my anger? Yes.

I realize some of this makes us sound not the best, but sometimes you do what you have to do to make it through the day as parents-its FU***NG HARD to be a parent.

SO TELL ME…..what are some of your mom confessions??


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