Mommy in Heels: My Quarantine Must Haves

We are on day who-knows-what of this quarantine, and some days I feel like there is an end in sight, and others it feels like it’s never going to end.

With being home every day, all day (save for a few trips to the grocery store), I have a few things that I keep reaching for, items that have helped keep me (somewhat) sane


I have been looking for a great foot mask (a more affordable option to the Baby Feet masks). My blog friend Meg recommended these and they are so great. I’ll spare you a picture of my feet, but I can assure you they work. My feet are peeling like crazy! One thing- I do not recommend the Ginseng ones, only because of the smell. It’s pretty intense! These are great alternative scents (unless you love the smell of ginseng)


I am not a coffee connoisseur by any means. I only really started drinking it a few years ago. Prior to that it was gas station cappuccino (which I still think is delicious and have from time to time). My cousin/best friend mentioned to me the other week that she had purchased a cold brew maker, so I thought why not give it a try? I grabbed this one from Amazon and it works pretty well. I’m not super knowledgeable but I feel like it’s easy to use and pretty basic. I have some vanilla syrup coming in the mail-I plan to try and recreated a Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew…I’m more of a sweet coffee drinker! For now I’m just getting this ground coffee at the store when I grocery shop, but my favorite local coffee shop has some great coffee that I can’t wait to buy!


I know so many people who feel like they’ve wasted money this year on a planner. With being quarantined at home, what’s the point, right?

For me though, it’s been a lifesaver. I am usually just a monthly planner kind of person, but I had been feeling lost (like a lot of people) as far as what I should be doing everyday for work (both for my store and the blog). I was trying to keep a note in my phone of my to-do list, prioritize my time, but it was just overwhelming!

Leave it to Ryan to be my problem solver-he mentioned that I get a weekly planner, and at the beginning of the week (I usually do this Sunday or Monday) write in each day what I need to get done. It has worked SO well for me. I know each day what is a must as far as work goes. Something so freaking simple but it’s been a game changer for me.

I got a super cute one from Target and was SO excited to start using it, only to realize it’s an academic planner and doesn’t start until July-womp womp. So….I got a different one instead! It’s served its purpose for me-there are some unnecessary (for me) sections in there that I don’t really use, but it does give me a lot of space to write all of my random lists and notes!

So my advice is to rethink your planner! Dust it off, give it a try-it may make your day to day feel a little more organized.

I have found that Target has a pretty great selection online-that’s where I found mine (which of course is not online).


Like most of you I’m sure, I am in major need of a hair appointment. I was to have my roots touched up last week so I am overdue! Who even knows when salons will reopen, so in the meantime, I am reaching for my root touch up powder. I shared it in my stories last week, showing how I use it along with a before and after.

They offer two shades of brown, a gray, red and blonde shade too. Even better, you can purchase them directly from the hair salon I go to-you’ll be supporting a small business!


This isn’t just something that is a must during the quarantine, it’s something that is a must all of the time! I’ve had this ice roller for a few years now, and it’s amazing.

I use it mainly for when I have headaches-it feels good to roll it over my forehead, my temples and my eyes! Sometimes it’s just plain refreshing, too!

It’s really inexpensive and totally worth it!


Like our hair, I would imagine a lot of your brows are needing a little bit of TLC, too! I have shared this brow duo numerous times before, but right now it’s really coming in clutch!

I feel like it gives my brows the “I just got my brows done” feeling! They come in three shades (I use the brown) and they are so easy to use!


This has been a tried and true product for me over the last few years, especially during this quarantine though. I always feel so much better about myself when I am tan, and I know a lot of you feel the same! Fake Bake makes their products fool proof-I feel like if I can do it at home, anyone can!

Their serum has been a recent favorite of mine, as well as their self tanning liquid! I have been applying this about 1-2 times a week just to give myself a little glow and make it look like I get some sun!


So tell me…what are some of your quarantine must haves?


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