Mother’s Day In: Gift Ideas for Celebrating While Staying In

Even though things look differently this year Mother’s Day is still a day to be celebrated! I know a lot of people (us included) usually go out to lunch or dinner to celebrate, or do something else that is super fun, but this year obviously things will be a little bit different!

With that in mind, I wanted to share with you a few different themes you can focus on for Mother’s Day this year! If anything being home will force us all to get a little creative, and I personally feel like when that happens, the gifts become a little more thoughtful and from the heart!

I love the idea of creating some sort of theme gift idea based on something she loves, whether it be at home self care, gardening or even spending time in the kitchen. For me, I would love the Netflix and Chill-nothing beats being able to fully relax on the couch and just binge your favorite show!

The most important part of these gifts though is the time to use them! Time to garden in peace, time in the kitchen enjoying what she loves, or time alone in the bathroom to fully enjoy a face mask or a relaxing bath!



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