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One thing I hear pretty frequently is “oh that won’t look good on me because of my size.” I always cringe when I hear that because if I have learned one thing over my self love journey it’s that size/shape literally has no bearing whatsoever on what you can and cannot/should and should not wear.¬†Whether you are a 2 or a 20 a 6 or a 16-wear what you want!

My assistant/friend Trish and I have similar style and even have some of the exact same items in our closet so we wanted to show   you that style has no size! (a 12/14 like me or a 2 like Trish)

I know I like to share a lot of versatility when it comes to my style sessions, but this particular one I wanted to focus on pieces that look great on every body!

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Like it or not, bike shorts are back and are popular as ever! I personally have grown quite fond of them over the last couple of months! Besides being really comfortable to wear, they can be quite stylish!

These faux leather bike shorts are probably one of my most worn shorts-I love the fit and the look! I am wearing the 1X and Trish is wearing a Medium! We both recommend sizing up!

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Another favorite item of ours has been this cropped sweatshirt! I have it in three colors and Trish has it in two! I am wearing the XL and Trish is wearing a Small!

I love wearing mine with a pair of high waisted jeans (mine are super old) but I also love pairing it with bike shorts!

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This jumpsuit! We both fell in love with it when we went to the mall (those were the days) to find some great wedding guest options. We both tried it on in store and we amazing at how gorgeous it looked on both of us!

The scalloped detail is subtle but makes a statement, plus it has the perfect amount of stretch to it. We obviously have it dressed down but you can easily pair it with heels or wedges to make it a little more dressy. I am wearing the size 12 and Trish is wearing the size 2!


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