My Skincare Fridge: What I put in it and Why I Love It!

I know, I know….a fridge? For my skincare? YES! I have seen so many others with their little (mini) fridges filled with their must have skincare/beauty items. I was always intrigued but always thought to myself-is it worth it? Is it really¬†that¬†awesome?

Long story short, yes! My friend Ashley had posted about it on instagram one day and I mentioned how I had been debating one…several days later one showed up on my doorstep from her (how darn sweet is she) and I’ve never looked back! I honestly don’t know why I haven’t shared this sooner, and what all I keep in it!

This is the fridge I have and I absolutely love it-it’s small enough to fit on my dresser, the white color fits perfectly with my decor and it holds everything I want in there. The particular one I have has a cold and warm setting-I wasn’t sure if it would keep things cold enough but I am quite impressed!

I am no expert by any means, but I do know that it’s not necessary to keep any of your skincare in a fridge, nor does it change any of the affect or properties of your skincare. Although it isn’t necessary, it does make items like serums, moisturizers and even rollers more soothing and calming.

First things first, serums and lotions! My Glossier SuperGlow and Sunday Riley Auto Correct feel so refreshing when applied. I do Apply the Auto Correct in the morning and evening and the SuperGlow mostly in the morning. They are both a great boost in the morning, and really calm my face at night!

My Tula 24-7 Moisturizer and Glow and Get It are a great fit for my fridge (literally and figuratively). The Glow and Get It always has a chill, regardless of whether or not I pop it in the fridge, but it is just SO much more refreshing to swipe it around my eyes, especially during the day for a little pick me up. Of course, the moisturizer feels so calming when its applied chilled.


Face masks, lip masks, eye masks, all of the above masks-if you haven’t done so, try tossing them in the fridge (either the one in your kitchen or if you have a skincare fridge like this). I am telling you, they just feel so much more amazing, especially the under eye masks!

These First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance pads are a daily part of my beauty routine-chilled, and paired with my other serums and lotions, I love them even more.

I also toss in my jade roller-again, it always has a natural chill to it, so this gives it something extra. In the evenings I like to apply some night time lip balm, and in the mornings as the last step in my makeup routine I apply Glossier’s Balm Dotcom-they both go in my skincare fridge!

What are some things you like to keep or would keep in your skincare fridge??


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