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Friday, October 17, 2014

Hear Our Stories. Share Yours. #BCAstrength

Sadly, I think it's safe to say that breast cancer has touched just about all of our lives in one way or another, whether it be a family member, a friend, a co worker, whether they had a scare, battled breast cancer, lost their life, or overcame it. It's scary to think how many of us have been impacted by this scary disease.

I feel like it is so important, that there should be more than just a month dedicated to raising funds for research, prevention and treatment. I know that people work 24/7/365, but it deserves even more than that, if that's even possible.

On the same note though, it's so overwhelming-in a good way- to see how much Breast Cancer Awareness month has grown over the years. So many people, businesses, companies donate so much time and money to help put an end to breast cancer.

This month, all of the brands of the Estee Lauder companies are taking part in the Estee Lauder Breast Cancer Awareness campaign: Hear Our Stories. Share Yours. The goal is to defeat breast cancer through education and research. Check out this year's stories of intimate exchanges between relatable families about their breast cancer journeys....

A lot of wonderful companies are joining in the fight against Breast Cancer and selling Pink Ribbon Products

La Mer The Hand Treatment Lotion: for every purchase, La Mer with donate a portion of the proceeds to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation

Coach Poppy EDP Spray: 20% of the retail price will be donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation

Clinique Great Skin Great Cause: for every purchase, Clinique will donate $10.

Donna Karan Cashmere Mist Rollerballs: 20% of the suggested retail price will be donated.

Clinique Pink with a Purpose Long Lasting Lipstick: For every purchase of the limited edition pink shade (with a mini pink cosmetic bag) they will donate $3.00

Smashbox BCA Be Legendary Lipgloss: $5 from each purchase is being donate to BCRF

Origins Drink Up Hydrating Lip Balm: with the purchase of this limited edition color, Origins will donate $3.50 to BCRF.

Pretty great products, right? On top of the awesome donations these companies are giving, the Estee Lauder Companies will donate $1 toward education and medical research, up to a maximum donation of $22,000, to BCRF for every uplifting message or photo shared on Instagram or Twitter that includes #BCAstrength! Easy, right? So even if you don't get the chance to make a purchase you can do your part by posting on instagram and/or twitter using the hashtag #BCAstrength

Just so you realize the impact, over the past two decades, The BCA Campaign has raised more than $53 million to support global research, education and medical services; with nearly $42 million funding 166 BCRF research projects worldwide. You guys, that is insane!  Let's keep the momentum going, shall we?

Shop, grab a new shade of lipstick, watch the video, share it, and post away on social media with the hashtag #BCAstrength!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Perfect Combo: Buffalo Check & Faux Leather

I have been on the hunt for a really good faux leather skirt. Since I am not a big fan of super short dresses/skirts (unless I am wearing thick tights) I knew I wanted more of a midi skirt. I also had every intention of wearing it high waisted so that option was a must.

SheInside brought my search to an end! The length is perfect, it's comfortable, and it has some stretch to it, which is something I prefer, especially when wearing something high waisted. That's just a personal preference!

An outfit I had been dying to put together for a while is a faux leather midi and a buffalo check shirt. So, on top of searching for the perfect midi skirt, I had been trying to find a great, classic buffalo check button up. Per usual, Old Navy answered my fashion prayer and stocked one at a wallet friendly price.

I love the way it came together! I wore this over the weekend for a little outing with my family, then swapped the skirt for skinny jeans, Converse and a vest for a little more comfort!

(And yes, I know there are a ton of pictures...I was actually super pleased with how I looked in the pictures as a whole that I couldn't narrow it down. This doesn't happen often so I am celebrating the shit out of it. Deal with it, accept it, and enjoy it with me!)

Shirt: Old Navy /// Skirt: c/o SheInside /// Shoes: Aldo (similar) /// Purse: Philip Lim for Target (similar) /// Necklace: Sophistifunk Shop, Stella and Dot /// Bracelets: Elizabeth & West, Stella and Dot, Stella and Dot /// Watch: Target /// Sunglasses: Kohls

I was also going to wear my leopard pumps with this outfit...for some reason I feel leopard and buffalo check go well together (probably because to me, leopard is a neutral) but but my husband and my daughter thought my solid black pumps looked better. Majority rules sometimes, right? 

See you back here tomorrow- I will be sharing lots of great products that are not only awesome (pink lipgloss? yes, please!) but support breast cancer awareness! 


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Beauty Roundup

Every once in a while I like to do some sort of beauty post to share my current favorites. Although I have a few things that are tried and true, it is usually ever changing.

I know a lot of ladies are a sucker for trying new beauty products out- I am no exception. New things always seem to find their way into my cart, and onto my bathroom counter whether it be a new lip gloss, a hair product, or even something as small as a new makeup brush.

Here is a roundup of my current faves:

Redken Pillow Proof Blow Dry (local gals, available at Midtown Hair Co)

Neutrogena Naturals is like a breath of fresh air on my skin sometimes. Yes, I love the facial cleansers and whatnot that have all of that nitty gritty stuff that you can really feel cleaning all of the gunk off of your face. But sometimes, you just want something that is gentle, smells good, and gets the job done. That is Neutrogena's purifying facial cleanser. I feel like it really lets my face breath when I use it! Sometimes, with certain face washes, I feel like I have to swipe a makeup remover wipe after I wash my face-I don't have to do that after I use their facial cleanser

You all know how much I love dry shampoo, right? Because it saves me from having to wash and dry my hair a lot. I really despised blow drying my hair for some reason. I just think it's tedious, and I am not good at it- like I don't use a round brush, or probably even the correct brush for that matter. My hair stylist, Rebecca at Midtown Hair Company has been using their Redken Pillow Proof Blow Dry on me the last few times I have been there, and I finally caved and bought my own at my last appointment. The awesome thing about it, is that it is sort of a primer for your hair. It helps protect it against the heat, and (this is the best part) it cuts down on blow dry time. YES!! (It really does, I am a nerd and timed it)

I had been looking for a new red lipstick for the fall. Not too bright, sort of rich in color, long lasting, and Bare Minerals Marvelous Moxie was my fave. I love the color and the feel on my lips. It lasts a long time too, which is great for me-I am terrible at reapplying! 

I am not the best at keeping up with my nail polish, so I have always been a fan of Sally Hansen's nail strips. My most recent fave though is Side Swiped. It's a fun alternative to a french manicure or some other outrageous print that she (meaning Sally) has. I like that it lasts, and doesn't chip. I am known to leave my nail polish on until it is all chipped off, so something like this that doesn't chip is perfect for me! I paired the nail strips with her Nail Art Studs

Didn't quite turn out like the picture, but I tried! I tried to get all creative, but I am not the creative type! I will most definitely use them again- something fun to use to make an accent nail or something like that! There are also other colors and other fun nail art things!

I finally caved and purchased the Naked3 Palette. I have their original, and absolutely love it. When the three came out, I wasn't a huge fan of it, but it has grown on me over the last few months. Loving it so far, and already have a couple that have been my go-to, everyday shadows! 

As always, my most favorite is my Cover Girl LashBlast. Seriously, since 2008 it's been my favorite. I have tried others both equal in price and more expensive and I always find my way back to Cover Girl. I have had people ask me numerous times what mascara I use and my answer is always the same! 

What are some of your current beauty favorites? Would love to hear! 


Monday, October 13, 2014

Business Casual

This past week I had the privilege to attend an award ceremony for York City. There were over 40 individuals/businesses that were nominated for various awards. There are big, awesome things happening downtown, and to be apart of them and among some pretty awesome people is an honor.To love what you do for a living is a dream come true, but to do it in a place where there are countless others that share your vision, your enthusiasm and your love for the place you live, work, and play is pretty awesome!

Anyway, for this event I decided to toss on a dress from my store, add one of my favorite blazers and call it a day. It was easy, convenient, and perfect for the event. This type of dress is the kind that can be worn casually and dressed up. I've worn this with flat sandals and a denim vest and the of course with a blazer too!

These booties have been worth every penny. I have worn them so much, and with so many different things- my fave though is with skinny jeans, and with dresses (like below). I am telling you, boots like these are a great investment. The neutral color is so versatile, and they are pretty comfy too!

Outfit Details:
Blazer: LC Lauren Conrad for Kohls (similar) /// Dress: Elizabeth & West (see similar options below) /// Boots: Sole Society /// Clutch: Blair Ritchey ///  Watch: Target /// Bracelets: Stella and Dot, Stella and Dot,  Elizabeth & West (in store) /// Sunglasses: Kohls (in store) 



Friday, October 10, 2014

Hair Hacks for the Lazy Girl

So last week, I was perusing Pinterest (I feel like that could be added to the How to be a Basic Bitch list), and I stumbled on 26 Lazy Girl Hairstyles. Seeing the words lazy and hairstyles grabbed my attention, because if there is one thing (ok, one of many things) that I can be lazy about it's my hair.

Not that I don't like to look put together, I just like to sleep a few extra minutes in the morning. Anything I can do to cut corners in the morning is great in my book, whether it be something with my hair, or makeup. I am not above eliminating something from my morning routine just so I can add an extra 5 minutes of laying in bed. (#ThisIsMyRealLife)

I tried a few (like less than five, because even some of these were not lazy enough for me) of those to see if they really worked. I can't tell you how many times I have tried something on Pinterest, only to have it archived in everyone's infamous 'Pinterest Fails' file. (Like this one...totally doesn't work)

This one is by far my favorite, and one that I have done multiple times since I have pinned it. I love curling my hair, but it always takes me forever to get it done- this cuts the curling time in half. Granted, my arms are burning by the time I am done, but it seriously works, and I love, love, love it.

Here is a step by step....

I section my ponytail into about 4 or 5 pieces and it works just fine for me. A little hairspray and some teasing and you are good to go. I had every intention of having my husband take step by step pictures of me doing this, then I thought the chick in the pictures is much more easy on the eyes and she gets the point across!

My next favorite one is all about dry it, can't live without it, don't know how I survived before it. Typically, I use dry shampoo in the morning as I am styling (if you even want to call it 'styling') my hair. It's actually better if you apply dry shampoo at night as opposed to the morning. Who knew? I guess if you think about it, it totally makes sense, right? The dry shampoo works itself into your hair overnight, resulting in less oily hair, and more volume! I noticed a difference when I do that...I feel like I can get an extra day out of my wash. Typically I can go two days without washing my hair, but when I do the dry shampoo thing at night I can go three. Give it a try! 

This last one I have also done a few times...super easy, super quick and good for third day hair!

I usually just use a couple of bobby pins instead of a big clip like the one pictured. The bobby pins seem to work just fine for me, but my hair is pretty fine. If you have thicker hair a large clip may work a little better for you! 

Hopefully you are able to give these a try and check out the other 23 hacks....anything to save a few minutes, right? Have a great weekend!