Touch of Turquoise

Pink and turquoise is such a good color combo. Usually, when I pair them together it is with some sort of accessory. For me personally I think that goes better together than wearing (for example) pink pants and a turquoise top!

Other colors that turquoise compliments are coral, taupe/tan, white (love wearing this necklace with jeans and a crisp white button up), and of course black!

I love a small touch of the color. If you are ever unsure about pairing two colors together, just try it in baby steps, with a small accessory like a necklace, or a purse! If you want to be bold though, give something like shoes a try!

This dress from Old Navy was so comfortable- I really think any sort of maxi dress is comfortable and effortless. Add to it a denim jacket, which is always one of my go-to pieces!

Outfit Details:
Jean Jacket: Gap (similar) /// Dress: Old Navy (similar) /// Necklace: Francesca's (similar, similar, similar)) /// Sandals: Gap (similar) /// Makeup: Maggie King Makeup Artistry /// Photography: Shannon Confair 


Summer Hair Care

With summer in full swing we can't forget to keep in mind our hair! I know people talk a lot about protecting our skin during the summer months, but the same goes for your hair!

Read on, for tips on summer hair care from my latest post for Susquehanna Style!

Just like trends changing each season, so should your beauty routine. There are some things I keep the same year round (like what makeup I use, for example), but I do try and make small adjustments with the change of season (typically summer and winter).

Here are my top five tips to keep your hair looking fabulous through the heat of the summer months:

Give the blow dryer a break. If you are anything like me, you dread blow drying your hair in the summer time. I get so hot that I feel like I need another shower. This time of year is the perfect time to let your blow dryer collect a little dust and just air dry. Wavy hair and the “slept in” look is popular this time of year, so embrace it.

Add sea salt spray. I am a big fan of air drying my hair and using sea salt spray. This gives your hair a little more texture and helps accentuate any waves you may already have. Plus, most sea salt sprays don’t have any harsh chemicals that can do further damage to your hair.

Wear a hat. I am a big fan of hats year round, but I especially love wearing them in the summer. Straw fedoras, panama hats, and floppy sun hats are not just a fun accessory to add to your outfit. They help protect your hair against the sun and can help prevent any damage overexposure in the sun can do.

Wet hair before swimming. If you jump in the pool with dry hair, that is all the more pool water that your hair is going to absorb, which ultimately means more damage. Instead, wet your hair ahead of time (maybe bring along a spray bottle of tap water). With your hair already wet, it doesn’t need to quench its thirst with hair damaging water.

Deep condition. It’s as simple as that. Deep condition helps take the protection from the sun and harsh pool water chemicals to the next level. If you really want to take your protection up a notch, after you wet your hair (before swimming) rub some deep conditioner into your hair before taking the dive into the deep end. That can add another barrier of protection for you.

I know our hair can be our last priority when it comes to care/protection when we are outside. Naturally, our first priority is our skin. But, our hair should be protected just as much. Give some (or all) of these tips a try. Your hair will thank you!


Palm Print and Purple Makeup

On a day to day basis, I typically wear my makeup the same two ways. Either nothing on my eyes. Just my Bare Minerals foundation, blush and some lipstick, or I wear my usual brown elf eye shadow (in bark) with the rest of my 'face.'

I try every once in a while to venture out and wear something different, but I never think I can pull it off! But! Leave it to my beauty guru Maggie to preach! She works wonders and just has a way of making everything work! I'll get into more detail about what she did for my pop of purple look in a bit!

I wore this outfit last week for work-the dress alone was comfortable but I needed a little something else just to add the finishing touch. Of course, my utility jacket was the answer, like it is all the time! The jacket I am wearing is currently out of stock, but I linked an almost identical one, and it is 70% off! Really, a jacket like mine is such a good investment! I wear it all.the.time.

Outfit Details: 
Jacket: Loft (similar) /// Dress: Elizabeth & West /// Shoes: Target /// Purse: Target /// Makeup: Maggie King Makeup Artistry /// Photography: Shannon Confair

A purple eye is an easy way to be a little playful with your look. Pops of color in unexpected ways (like other than wearing a bright lipcolor) add a little drama and fun to your overall look. 

Because my eye makeup is so intense the rest of my look didn't need to be too over the top. A basic, neutral lip and cheek complimented the plum. 

Keeping makeup (foundation, concealor, etc) can be crucial this time of year, simply because of the heat! You can keep the skin light by adding a bb cream powder in the center/heart shape area of your face (like if you traced a heart starting from the center of your forehead). A bronzer is a great finishing touch just to give yourself a little glow. Like I said- with the intense plum eye, a strong blush isn't necessary!

Maggie used Mally Beauty's Evercolor waterproof eyeliner on me (in Royal Plum) to really define my eyes. Believe it or not, Maggie also used Wet n' Wild's eye shadow palette for the base color all over the lid, as well as the accent color in the eyelid crease! The makeup you use doesn't have to be expensive-it's all in how you apply! 

Other great products Maggie used were Nars Blush/Bronzer duo, MAC's face and body foundation and lastly Laura Mercier's Translucent Loose Setting Powder-who wants to sweat their makeup off?!?!

If doing a bold color all over your lid is a bit out of your comfort zone, start with something minimal like eye liner, then slowly add more color! 


Leopard on the Beach

I am taking it back to our vacation in St. Maarten. What I wouldn't give to be back there right now!

Before I left for St. Maarten, I was on the fence about this bathing suit. While I liked it, I was unsure about the cut of it since it was technically in the junior department. I was pleasantly surprised at how cute it was! The lining was a little weird, and showed a little bit, and I was extra careful to make sure I didn't have any side boob, but overall, I was pretty pleased with it! My favorite is the scalloped detail of the suit!

I will say though, that if I knew I were going to be playing and swimming around a bunch with my girls I wouldn't wear it!

This cover up was a great purchase, and I definitely recommend it! I am partial to longer cover ups, because I just feel more comfortable in them! Plus, this cover up comes in other colors/prints!

Outfit Details: 
Cover Up: Old Navy /// Bathing Suit: Target /// Sandals: Target /// Hat: Target /// Sunglasses: Sweet Melissa's Dream

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The Mint Julep Boutique Giveaway

I know I have said before that if I could live in maxi dresses, I totally would. Something about them I just love. I think it's the fact that they are comfortable, and your whole outfit! You don't have to worry about more than what shoes you are going to wear!

I loved this particular maxi dress from The Mint Julep Boutique because it was so flowy. Anything I can wear that I don't have to worry about sucking it in I am on board with! Lately, I have also been trying to step out of my comfort zone when it comes to my clothes and what I wear and this pushes me waaaaay out of my comfort zone.

I was hesitant about the bare back, and the fact that you clearly can't wear a bra. For a moment I thought 'what the heck was I thinking???' But, I am happy to report I survived! With all of the straps, I was able to tie everything tight enough that it kept things in place that needed to be kept in place. I was also able to tie the back of the dress so it wasn't as low in the back, which made me more comfortable.

If you are unsure, just toss on a denim jacket with it, which is what I did after wearing it for a bit. It looked just as adorable when I had on the denim jacket and of course just as comfortable! I've already worn this a couple of times, and don't plan on retiring it any time soon!

Head on over to The Mint Julep's website to check out the rest of their maxi dresses-it's plentiful! The rest of their selection is pretty awesome too (and affordable)!

Outfit Details:
Dress: c/o The Mint Julep Boutique /// Shoes: Just Fab /// Makeup: Maggie King Makeup Artistry /// Photography: Shannon Confair

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