Friday, September 19, 2014

Wear it Four Ways: Liquid Leggings

I know I haven't done this in a while! But, it's back (for today at least!) and I can't wait to share with you what I have put together!

I have grown fond of my liquid leggings over the last couple of months. And bonus- they are restocked online at Old Navy! They are going fast though-this isn't the first time they have sold out!

I have worn mine a ton already (as seen here and here), and really the possibilities are endless. I like them because they are comfortable (obviously), but they take your outfit up a notch-a little more than when you are just wearing basic leggings. I think because of their texture, they make them a little dressier as well!

Take a look at what I came up with and give them a try!

Outfit 1:
Hat: Old Navy /// Chambray: Target /// Tote: Forever 21 /// Booties: Forever 21 /// Leggings: Old Navy /// Scarf: Forever 21

Outfit 2:
Sweater: Zara /// Booties: Target /// Ring: Kendra Scott /// Sunglasses: Target /// Hat: Target

Outfit 3: 
Blazer: H&M/// Shirt: H&M/// Tote: H&M/// Earrings: Stella and Dot/// Shoes: Steve Madden

Outfit 4: 
Dress: H&M /// Sunglasses: Target /// Backpack: Target /// Jacket: H&M /// Shoes: Target

I tried to style these for several different occasion- weekend errand running, girls night out or date night, work- if you can get away with these types of leggings. Despite the "leather" look of them, I really think it's all in how you style them, really! I mean really for $19, you can't go wrong!!  

Hope you all have a great weekend! Today is my baby girl's 2nd birthday so we will be celebrating today and tomorrow! Where has the time gone?!?!


Thursday, September 18, 2014

Buffalo Check and Great Skin

I have come to grow fond of buffalo check anything- in years past to me it was for lumberjacks and woodsmen (is that even a person?) but I have been finding things in that print that I would love to work into my wardrobe!

This dress immediately caught my eye. Loved it, have been wanting to try the drop waist for a while now, and the price was perfect! Really though, when is the price not perfect at Old Navy?

It was perfect to wear to church this past weekend- comfy enough and practical enough to get me through the day!

Although I must say, I totally though it was red and black- it looked like it online and when I was getting dressed, but as I was uploading the pictures, it occurred to me that it could possibly be navy blue? Now I am stumped....

Regardless, I love how I styled it (with black in mind!). When the temps dip even more, I plan on adding a pair of thick tights with the boots!

Outfit Details: 
Dress: Old Navy /// Jacket: Gap (similar option for fall) /// Shoes: Target (similar) /// Bag: Blair Ritchey /// Bracelets: Stella and Dot (old) /// Watch: Target /// Hat: Old Navy 

This was also a day where I felt like I was having a good skin/makeup day. Ever have one of those days? I just felt like my makeup applied exactly the way I wanted it too, my eyelashes looked great, and my skin felt so awesome. 

I've been trying out Eu2Be's products over the last few weeks and have been loving how it has made my skin feel. I love that it's all natural and paraben free. You can read their breakdown of ingredients here. I like it because it's easy to understand, and I can actually pronounce them! Even better is they are Made in the USA, with some added Brazilian oils. My favorite has been their Enrich and Radiate Oil. Their Shower & Soak Soap as well as their Nurture & Nourish Lotion are great (and are to be used before the oil) but my fave was definitely the oil! The conditioning oil glided on so easily and actually soaked into my skin. It sucks sometimes when you use a lotion or oil on your face and have to wait forever for it to soak in, or it leaves you feeling oily for the rest of the day. I didn't feel that way at all with the oil- can't get over how soft it makes my skin feel! It's amazing how something as simple as your face wash can give you a little extra kick in your step! 


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Blog Organization for the Unorganized Gal

I have never been the most organized person. I do have some sort of organization skills in my blood, but I am definitely not the person who has a place for every single thing. It's just not me- never has been. I would like for that to change some day, but I don't see it in the foreseeable future! There are certain areas where I am pretty put together- our calendar on our fridge is always full with appointments, dinner for the week, Ella's specials for the day at school (music, art, etc). My blog is another area where I feel I am pretty organized too!

It hasn't always been like that though! It took me a good year to get myself organized and start a real "editorial calendar" for myself. When I started, I would typically choose what I wanted to write about, type it up, then hit publish. Sometimes I would post in the morning, sometimes in the afternoon. There was never a rhyme or reason as to my blogging or posting.

Eventually, I realized I needed to come up with some sort of organization. I knew it would relieve some stress and I think a more organized blog is a little more evident to readers. Now keep in mind-these are tips for someone like myself who is usually not super, super organized!

Get a separate planner for your blog. I had one, giant planner that I was using for my blog and for my personal life. It may not sound like a big deal at all, but it was hard to keep organized. I ended up getting a separate planner made from May Designs, specifically to keep track of my editorial calendar and my daily blog "to-do" list. I still use my larger, Martha Stewart planner for my every day life-work related things, doctor appointment, family events, etc.

Plan your week. Up until a few weeks ago, I just planned for the week ahead. I read Jill's post about planning an editorial calendar, and that encouraged me to plan out my whole month. Sounds daunting, and it is sometimes, but it makes this so much easier. Keep in mind though nothing needs to be etched in stone (unless you are doing a brand sponsored post). You will see in my calendar things are crossed out, arrows are drawn and things are shifted around. I am also not specific on my outfit posts. There is no way I can commit to an outfit that far in advance! You crazy??? Really though, if planning a month seems to be too much, start out with a week, then two, then three, etc. 

Color Code. This is also a great idea from Jill. I originally was not color coding my editorial calendar. I gave it a try and I love it. Outfit posts are pink, Susquehanna Style posts are orange, green is sponsored posts, etc. Makes things a whole heck of a lot easier. 

Be flexible. The world will not forget you if you take a couple of days off. It's ok. Really, it is. I know- easier said than done. Things happen, stuff comes up, and your calendar or posts get pushed back or not done. It's fine. Cross shit out, move things around and you're good to go. This mentality is especially good for someone like myself who is not the most organized!

Get inspiration. This is not in any particular order, obviously, but get inspiration for your posts. This might help you plan out your whole month. I get my inspiration from magazines, tv, the internet, every day life. Magazines are a great source though....I am pretty terrible at getting rid of them too. I like to reference back to them sometimes when I am particularly stumped for post ideas. 

Have a place to store post ideas. Whether it's in your phone, or a designated section in your planner, jot down your ideas when they come to you! If you are like me, you will forget if it's not written down! 

Everyone's definition of being organized is different, but something as simple as getting a planner for your blog is so helpful. I have already downsized my everyday planner for next year (sorry Martha Stewart but I just can't carry around a HUGE planner anymore) and purchased my blog planner as well, both May Designs. (If you can't tell I enjoy May Designs!) I love them because you can customize them, and they are small enough to toss in your purse! 

(yes, I color coordinated them on purpose because I usually have both planners on me all the time. So of course I wanted them to match!)

Large Planner: Martha Stewart (Discbound)
Pencil Case: c/o Blair Ritchey

Moral of the story? It's not that hard to get yourself organized, especially if you are someone like me who is organized half of the time, and organized chaos the other half of the time. 

1. Get a planner for your blog. 
2. Get inspiration.
3. Plan the month (or week or two)
4. Color code. 

What are some tips you follow to keep yourself and your blog organized? 


Sunday, September 14, 2014

Muted Colors

I feel like my wardrobe has been so bleh lately. Not a lot of color, not a ton of prints. Just sort of there. But I guess that's what is working the best for me lately, what has been the easiest, and what has been my go-to.

I think we've all known by now how much I love my basic utility jackets. I have been purchasing them (and the vest) from Old Navy now for the last couple of years and have definitely gotten my wear out of them. Now that the temps are cooling down a bit, I've found that I am gravitating towards it a lot more and sort of planning my outfits around it-dresses, jeans, leggings, you name it. I would even go as far to say I wear it just about every day. Some days I wear it as an accessory to my outfit and don't take it off- it completes my outfit. Other's I toss it on over my outfit as I am heading out the door to stay a little warmer!

Outfit Details
Jacket: Old Navy /// Dress: Old Navy /// Booties: Sole Society /// Necklace: Kohls (in store) /// Sunglasses: Target /// Bracelts: Stella and Dot (old), Elizabeth & West (in store) 

Hope you all had a great weekend! 


Friday, September 12, 2014

Pore No More

One thing that I have been pretty lucky with over the years is my skin. I really never experienced bad acne or any other huge skin problems. Every once in a while I will get a zit, but other than the occasional nuisance, I have been lucky with good skin. I know I should take better care of it (and I have been getting better over the last few months, for sure!)

When I saw the new Neutrogena Pore Refining line, I knew it was something that probably would not be super beneficial for me, as I don't typically have problems with super large, visible pores, even with aging-yes, I think about aging even though I am 32!

My husband on the other hand, he could use something like their Pore Refining line. He also has good skin, but his pores, particularly on his nose, are pretty visible. When I had said it was something I probably wouldn't use he offered to give the #porenomore challenge a try. Yes, let it be known that my husband offered to test out the line and report back to me (and you all) how well it worked! He took it for a spin for about two weeks, and actually really enjoyed it!

For someone who just uses bar soap to wash his face, this was a huge improvement. He was pretty dedicated to using it too, which says a lot- he gets up for work every day no later than 4:30 and still managed to use the regime every day.

He has been using the Exfoliating Cleanser, Daily Cleanser, Toner and Moisturizer!

Here is his honest, to the point breakdown of everything:

~its definitely a process (for a guy...I'm used to just the facewash)
~I can feel a difference when I rub my skin
~my skin is smoother
~I can really feel the exfoliator working- I feel like it's doing it's job
~I will probably keep doing it

Not really elaborate answers, but he is a dude so I wouldn't expect much more! I personally noticed a difference in his nose area, where his pores have always seemed to be the largest! Everything smells really good too!! 

Here is a specific breakdown of the Pore Refining line- it explains it a lot better than I would be able to!

You don't necessarily have to use every single product every day- you can use whichever you want based on your skin needs. What is nice though, particularly with the exfoliator, is that it is gentle enough to use every day- most you really can't! 

These products are currently available in your grocery or drug stores! Give the #porenomore challenge a try for'll love it! 

This post was sponsored by Neutrogena, but all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.