Mommy in Heels Summer Denim Picks

For me, denim is something that I wear year round, regardless of the temperatures. I don't mind wearing jeans when it's ungodly hot outside. Even though I still find myself reaching for my go to jeans there are denim pieces that I gravitate towards more during the summer months. I rounded up for you my favorite, summer denim pieces that every gal should have on hand. A lot of these I will say you can carry into other seasons. It's just a matter of mastering the art of layering....a post for another day, maybe?!?!


A chambray is something that I feel is a closet staple. I always make sure my style consult clients have one in their closet, and if they don't I add it to their list of items to get. What I love about chambray's so much is how versatile they are and even how lightweight they can be. I have been able to dress mine up and down quite often. You can also find them in different washes as well! There are also so many variations to a chambray that you are sure to find something! 



Just like a chambray, overalls for me are a year round piece. In the cooler months I love wearing them with booties and a cardigan layered over it. In the summer time a lightweight tee, or even an off the shoulder top.  While I love wearing a cute pair of sneakers with them,  sandals or even wedges also look fab. If you follow me on instagram, you saw I recently splurged on a new pair of overalls. Typically way more than I would spend on something like overalls, but I've been planning this purchase for a while, and I know they are something that I will wear over and over again. 


Denim Shorts

Denim shorts are one thing that I am late to the game with. I didn't really start wearing shorts until a couple of years ago. I went through this silly phase where I didn't like my legs (still kind of don't). I am at the point now where I just don't really care anymore, and some days it's just too darn hot to wear anything but shorts. The problem though is finding shorts that are long enough to make me feel comfortable but not too long that I look like a total Mom (does that even make sense-ha!) Luckily, I have found some great ones that are Mom approved!



I feel like a denim jacket is somewhat of a no brainer. I always seem to have one with me, on me, you name it. It's easy to toss on over any outfit. You can easily find the perfect denim jacket in different washes-one that will certainly fit your style! My favorite way to wear it is over an easy, lightweight summer dress!



Subtle Red, White, Blue and Ruffles

When I saw this dress, I knew that I wanted it-it was just a matter of waiting for it to go on sale. And of course, it did! Unfortunately, it's low in stock, but there are still so many adorable dresses that are still available and bound to go on sale sooner rather than later!

Something like this would be the perfect 4th of July look. I am one for a little subtle red, white and blue rather than and in your face, head to toe, patriotic look. 

Total side note-I purchased this hat from Target a couple of years ago. It has a black ribbon around it which I love. But, it does limit me sometimes to what I can wear it with. I wanted tot wear it with this outfit, so I had the idea to pin my little scarf around it to make it a little more versatile-I'm kind of loving it! 

Outfit Details:
Denim Jacket: Old Navy /// Dress: Loft  /// Shoes: Converse /// Bag: Blair Ritchey /// Hat: Target (similar) /// Scarf on Hat: Old Navy /// Sunglasses: c/o Loft (similar


Splurging on Great Overalls

I sat and sat on these overalls for the longest time. If you've followed me for a while you may remember I purchased them several months ago and ended up returning them because I just wasn't 100% sold on them. 

Fast forward and here we are! I ended up sizing up to an XL and I am pretty pleased with them. These are definitely an investment, which I think is why it took me so long to decide if I truly wanted them and truly loved them.

For some, overalls may be more of a trendy piece, but for me they are more of a classic item that I will continue to reach for again and again. 

I had a super less expensive pair from Target that I loved and wore for the past few years, but I finally gave in and upgraded.

This bomber jacket was a no brainer for me-I loved the classic, all American blue and white checkered pattern-it's something I can see myself reaching for over and over!

Outfit Details:
Jacket: Target /// Overalls: Madewell ///  Shoes: Converse /// Bag: Blair Ritchey 


Our Summer Bucket List

I have never really had a summer bucket list before. I feel like at the beginning of each summer, we have a lot of "we should's"

We should do this!

We should do that!

We should try this!

We should try that!

This summer though, I decided to actually make a bucket list. A couple of my girlfriends made one with their children, so that sort of gave me the push to do one with my girls! 

I think having them involved in the list making process made it more fun and definite, if you will.  I feel like it holds us accountable for making more of an effort to try and do more fun things! There were only a few things that we had to put a squash on because it was just too expensive or unrealistic (sorry girls, we aren't going to Disney this summer!)

We cheated a bit and did include some things on the list that we knew we were already going to be doing, but it's still so satisfying being able to check something off a list, is it not?!?!

So without further adieu....here is our bucket list. Of course, some of the things we chose are close to where we live, so they might be out of the question for you. But hopefully some of these will give you a little summer inspiration!


Black Old Navy Jumpsuit + Gingham Espadrilles

I wore this jumpsuit over the weekend-it was perfect for a a little BBQ action at a friend's house. Cute, but comfortable enough to indulge in all of the goodies that we had! 

While this particular color is sold out online, it is still available in stores. I wore the pinstriped version here, and I also have the floral print-I just haven't worn it yet! 

Some people who are a little curvier aren't sure if wide leg rompers are for them-I say go for it! Styled the right way, they can be so adorable!

Outfit Details:
Jacket: Old Navy (Old Navy) /// Jumpsuit: Old Navy (sold out online, in stores. Cute option)/// Shoes: TopShop /// Hat: Target /// Sunglasses: Old Navy