Travel Style Part 1

If any of you follow my blog, you know that my husband and I were in Mexico a couple of weeks ago. When I was planning my travel outfits I had to take into consideration the fact that I would be heading from 30 degree and below temps to 80 degree and higher temps, so light clothes with layers was what I was aiming for.

Also knowing that I had airport security to deal with factored into what I was going to wear. Any time I travel I always tend to lean towards comfort.

I found this great jumpsuit from Forever 21 that I knew would be perfect for travel and would easily take me from season to season. It has the perfect amount of stretch, and is lightweight enough to keep me cool, but thick enough to keep me from freezing in the super cold temps.

Pairing it with a light tee and layering a denim jacket was easy enough to transition from the cold PA temps to warm Mexico!

One of my most favorite purchases over the last year or so is my Blair Ritchey Lango Messenger. I use it as an everyday purse, but it makes an even better carry on bag. It is like a Mary Poppins bag- it stores so  much!

Outfit Details:
Jumpsuit: Forever 21 /// Jacket: Gap (cute option) /// Shoes: Adidas /// Watch: Target (black available in store) /// Sunglasses: Charming Charlie /// Tee: T&J Designs

Coming home from Mexico, once again (and pretty much like always) I reached for comfort. I packed my favorite faux leather leggings with the anticipation of wearing them home. I love them because it takes your everyday, basic leggings up a notch! Pairing them with an oversized tee and cardi was just right for a long day of travel!

Outfit Details:
Cardigan: Old Navy (similar) /// Tee: Shein /// Leggings: Old Navy (similar) /// Shoes: Adidas /// Sunglasses: Charming Charlie /// Watch: Target (black available in store) 

Below are several pieces that I think are perfect for travel days!


Vacation Style in Mexico

Nothing like being home surrounded by snow and looking back on all of our Mexico pictures. When packing for the trip, I tried to keep things somewhat simple. Dresses or jumpsuits seemed to be the trend for me. They are simple, easy to pack, and require a lot less styling-something I don't want to waste too much time on! That is time I would rather spend laying out on the beach or by the pool!

What I love about this dress is how loose it is without making me feel frumpy. It has a super loose, breezy feel to it that was perfect for a warmer day and breezy night.

If you want to get more wear out of something like this, pairing it with a pair of jeggings and ankle booties would give it the perfect look for the colder months. Because of the looser fit, pairing it with jeggings or super snug skinny jeans is key- you want your look to be balanced.

Outfit Details:
Dress: Shein /// Hat: Target /// Sunglasses: Target /// Bracelets: Target, Charming Charlie, Robyn Rhodes (cute option) /// Bag: Blair Ritchey (love this option) /// Sandals: Sam Edelman (love these, these)


Real Talk: Embracing my Swimsuit Insecurities and Having Fun!

"Disclosure:Compensation was provided by Target via Mode Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Target"

Let's have some real talk today, ladies. Body barriers. They can be pretty harsh sometimes, can't they? I have spoken numerous times before about my insecurities and how I let them affect me and affect my life. For me, it's an ongoing, every day thing. How uncomfortable I am in my own skin is the first thing I think of when I wake up and the last thing I think of when I go to bed. Getting to where I want to be with myself is an ongoing struggle- and a struggle it is. I am working on it, some days more than others, but I am getting there. 

I often wonder what it would be like to be completely content with myself. I would imagine there aren't many women in the world who can say that. I have spoken with friends before and said I wish I had their body, then they proceed to tell me all of their insecurities, and vise verse. Crazy, isn't it?

When summer is in the air, there are certain things that I try not to participate in because it requires me to wear a bathing suit. For example, Ella had a birthday party at a pool over the summer. I showed up in my clothes while the other moms showed up in their bathing suits. I sat along the sideline and watched Ella in the pool while other mom's were in the pool having fun. Why? All because of my insecurities. I wonder sometimes if Ella remembers that I didn't get in the pool with her. 

I can't keep doing that. I can't keep skipping out out on things like that, or keep my coverup on and lay on a chaise lounge with a towel over my stomach. My girls are at the age where they start to notice these things. I always do my best to not complain about my insecurities in front of them. Ever. But what crosses their mind when I don't even want to get in the pool because I would have to be out and about in my bathing suit? I would hate to look back when my girls are all grown up and have so many regrets all because of my worries about my back fat or my unflattering chest.

What hold's you back? What body barriers hold you back from making the most of the season?

Being so insecure to the point of not wanting to do anything but stay covered up is just plain selfish. Why should my girls have to miss out having fun with their Mommy all because I am worried that people will be looking at my cellulite, or my boobs that droop a little too much for a 34-year-old? 

This season, I am trying. Trying so hard to embrace the season with no reservations and insecurities, just confidence. One of the ways I am trying is by finding the perfect bathing suit. The bathing suit that I feel comfortable enough in to have fun and let loose without worrying what I look like.

Target has a great selection of swimsuits for all shapes and sizes. Plus, they have a convenient free shipping and returns policy, which I have already taken advantage of. Over the years, I have found some tips to be very useful when bathing suit shopping, whether in store or online:

~Try on two sizes. Even if you think you know what size you are, try on two. Try on the size you normally are, and one size larger. In the past, I have always sized up in my bathing suits, which has helped with fit. 

~Also, step out of the fitting room. Who cares if there are other people around. Step out and check yourself out in the dressing room area mirror. If you can't even walk out of your fitting room in the bathing suit, how do you expect to wear it on the beach or in the pool? 

~If you can't make it into the store, or see a swimsuit online that isn't in store, take advantage of Target's free shipping and returns and order multiple sizes. Believe me, it's much easier to order the same suit in a few sizes, rather than ordering in one size and having it not fit. 

This season, Target is starting a #NOFOMO (no fear of missing out) movement to empower women (that's you!) to rethink your approach to swimsuit season. With their extensive selection of swimsuits, they make it easy and fun to embrace confidence and excitement over your insecurities and inhibitions. 

#NOFOMO is Target’s cry to stop missing out on the best of summer because of body insecurities, or because you don't want to wear a swimsuit. You can feel more confident in expressing your style! Take a little leap and be more creative with your style, too!

My #NOFOMO pledge is to actually play in the pool with my daughters. Like I said, usually I put on a cover up, immediately park myself in a chair or chaise and use a towel or my coverup to drape over my stomach (even in a one piece) because I am too insecure. I don't want my daughters to notice or pick up on that anymore. I am tossing the towel and coverup and doing a cannonball in the pool!! I am going to play in the sand with my girls, building sand castles and digging for sand crabs. I am going to take my daughter to her pool parties and actually enjoy myself in the pool with the other moms! When my girls are grown and look back, are they going to remember what I looked like in my swimsuit or will they remember that I was in the pool with them splashing and having fun?

I am tired of always being insecure. It is exhausting to say the least. My husband and I were in Mexico last week, and taking these pictures was a huge first step for me. I get insecure when we do photo shoots in public when I am wearing clothes, so you can imagine my insecurities when I removed my coverup, but by the end of the photo shoot, the end of the trip even, my attitude had changed.

In fact, I even participated in a few pool activities with other people on our trip and complete strangers at the resort. At one point, I was having too much fun to feel insecure! I'm telling you, there is too much fun to be had! Take the #NOFOMO pledge!

Outfit 1 Details:
Bathing Suit: c/o Target /// Cover Up: Target (similar) /// Hat: Target (similar) /// Sandals: Target (similar)

Outfit 2 Details:
Bathing Suit: c/o Target /// Hat: Target 

Find your style @targetstyle


Back in Black

Hey everyone! I am back from Mexico and ready to get back into blogging! It was so nice to get away with my husband. The weather was great, the wifi spotty (I made my husband download instagram on his phone because his worked better than mine...he LOVED that!), and the food even better! Look for lots of posts over the next couple of weeks recapping what I wore on my trip!

But I will say it is nice to get back into somewhat of a routine, for a few days at least! We leave for Disney this Friday. What I am most excited about is seeing the girls' reactions to everything. It's going to be priceless!!

Anyway, I wore this outfit a few weeks ago. It was a casual evening out with my family-errands and pizza for dinner! It called for total comfort which is pretty much what this sweater is all about.

The thing about oversized sweaters is that it can be easy to look/feel frumpy when wearing them. I would stick to pairing them with leggings/jeggings or skinny jeans. Super loose boyfriend jeans may be a bit much. For someone like myself who is a bit curvy, the combo of loose jeans and a baggy sweater would just make me look bulkier. Someone who is more slender/petite may be able to get away with that. When all else fails though, just toss on your leggings or skinny jeans and call it a day!

Also, these shoes...I have not been able to get enough of them! I wear them several days a week, and have found myself planning my outfits around them. They are the perfect combination of comfortable but still stylish. Worth the investment for sure. If you do purchase them, size down one size!

Outfit Details:
Sweater: Shein /// Striped Top: Shein /// Jeans: Elizabeth & West (in store, similar) /// Shoes: Adidas /// Hat: Target /// Watch: Target (black available in store) 


Mexico Here I Come!

Yes. I am going there (literally and figuratively). With 30+ inches of snow on the ground, I am going there. My husband and I are very fortunate, in that every other year we get to head some place tropical (for free!!) in the dead of winter. It's a nice little escape for us, as we leave our girls at home with the grandparents.

One of the nice things about this trip (besides the fact that it is free) is that it's just the two of us. We do have a few dinners to attend while we are there with other people, but it is still nice to have adult conversation and eat our meal the whole way through! I am also anxious to come back to snowy PA with a great tan (although as I type this the weather report for Mexico all week is cloudy and rain...boooo). You see, when we travel some place warm with our girls, getting a tan usually takes a back seat-naps (when needed), keeping the girls entertained, and just plain being a parent get in the way of that glorious tan! Not this time though- I plan on planting myself on the beach, next to the pool all week and getting my tan on!

One thing that's nice about traveling in the summer is I already have a little bit of a glow (calling it a tan is generous) before I leave for a vacation. Winter though? Holy pasty. Holy white. Woof. My tan is so non existent you can see every nook and cranny on my body, and my legs? Yikes! Don't even get me started!

Typically, I get an airbrush tan just to give myself a little color, but my husband and I are "on a budget" for real this time, so I knew that was out of the question (and has been for months). I have always been scared to try at home tanning products because to be quite honest I just don't trust myself!

I had used Fake Bake Flawless Self Tan Liquid over the summer at the recommendation of my friend and loooooooved it so I was excited to give their other products a try. Like I said before, I typically don't trust myself to do these kinds of things at home, but the Flawless was relatively easy so my worries were eased a little!

Since I had tried the liquid I thought I would try the mousse. I had also been using their Amplify Daily Tan for the last couple of days just to get a little bit of color started. 

Using the mousse was super easy. I will say though, the mousse expands a lot after you dispense it, so be careful! The first time I put some in my hand it ended up being a TON! I was able to get it all under control but I knew from that point on that a little bit at a time was perfect! What's nice though is you can see the color going on, so it was easy to see if there were any streaks or any places that needed blended a little bit more. It also smells pretty good too (I know some at home tanning lotions can have a weird smell). 

I ended up doing two applications of this and I plan to do another before I leave on Tuesday (if we are able to leave Tuesday...with 30+ inches of snow, who knows at this point!). Overall, I love the subtle glow that the mousse gives me. If you want a darker color, you can certainly keep applying until you get your desired color, or they have other products that give you the darker tan right off the bat (like their Flawless Darker)

Here are a few before/afters. I tossed on a dress that I am taking with me to Mexico (and that is in major need of a steamer)! LOVE the subtle color and glow that I have (with no makeup, even!)

I feel like this color is good to get you through the winter, too. I don't know about you, but I am not a big of super dark tans during winter- you aren't fooling anyone! The color I get from Fake Bake I think is totally believable- just a nice, subtle color!

If you are looking for something to give your pasty winter skin some color, give Fake Bake a try....LOVE!!!

Thank you to Fake Bake for sponsoring this post. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.