Can't Get Enough: Mustard Cardigan

Did you ever buy something and just know it was something you were going to wear the crap out of and never get rid of?

That was my favorite mustard cardigan from Target. I loved it. It was the perfect length. Light enough to wear on chilly summer nights/spring days, but heavy enough to wear in the fall and winter months.

And then I ruined it. Well, saying I ruined it is an exaggeration. You could wash it but had to lay it flat to dry. I thought simply laying it on my washing machine with the the front/sides draped over the side would work. I definitely don't recommend doing that! It dried so weird because of how I had it laying- it's now longer in the front, shorter in the back and just all wonky! It just doesn't fit the same!

I had purchased this beloved cardigan well over a year ago, so I knew Target wouldn't have it in stock. So off I went to search for a replacement one!

Leave it to Old Navy to have a replacement!  While this one is a littler thicker, more sweater like than my old one, I absolutely love it. What I love about it besides the color is the length. I don't know what I ever did before long, boyfriend cardigans! (I know what I did....I wore short cardigans buttoned up and belted all day every day. HA!)

Anyway, I snagged this cardigan and a few other things too...Old Navy has amazing stuff right now! There were a few things that I didn't find in store in my size, so I ordered online- they are having a great sale online now through January 17th so get to shopping! (30% off everything-even clearance!)

I snagged this adorable floral sweatshirt, a new trench coat (hoping its a little more structured than the one I currently have), these jeans-I think they will look great with booties, and this adorable sweater!

Honestly, when I wear a cardigan like this, I gravitate towards something simple like jeans and a tee. It really is to me the most practical and comfortable. It's always easy to just toss on a blanket scarf for something a little extra. I do love to wear longer cardigans over dresses, too, though!

Outfit Details:
Cardigan: Old Navy /// Tee: H&M /// Jeans: Elizabeth & West, old (great option) /// Booties: Target /// Scarf: Target (similar

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Mommy in Heels: My Must Read Books This Winter

I'm not quite sure if I have always loved to read, but I have certainly grown to really love it over the years. I am sure there was a time in my life when I hated it and felt as though being forced to read for school was somewhat similar to a punishment.

Now though? I love it. Sometimes, when I really get into a good book I find myself reading while I am cooking, staying up later than I should just to finish a chapter, only to continue onto the next chapter, then the next. I find it's a nice way to unwind and just not think. Those are the types of books I like to read-ones that don't require much thought. I spend all day long thinking and thinking and thinking so it's nice to just not. 

The other day I noticed that I haven't been reading lately and it kind of bothered me! Why haven't I been? Where's my Kindle?! I guess the busy-ness of the holidays kind of took over! If you read my post on Monday about my 2017 goals you saw I am making this year MY year. I am thinking making more time for reading is a good way to take care of ME.

I have read some of these, and the ones I haven't read yet have been on my "to read" list for quite some time. I will say Elin Hilderbrand and Nicholas Sparks are two of my favorite authors (really-I set Nicholas Sparks website to my homepage in college...that's how much I love him-HA!).

Here are my current picks/recommendations. I included a little description of them so you can get an idea of their plot! I would LOVE to hear your book recommendations!

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The First Husband: Travel writer Annie Adams (who just had her column syndicated) thinks she has it all. She lives with her longtime film director boyfriend Nick-she has it all. Then Nick moves out! Fast forward three months, and Annie is married to a guy named Griffin who is a down-to-earth chef (with a restaurant in the Berkshires). Nick asks for a second chance, and Annie is torn between her husband and Nick!

All the Missing Girls:  I asked my snapchat/instastory followers to recommend any books I could add to this list, and this was one of them. It sounds so good! This story is about two girls who went missing, ten years apart. Except the story is told in reverse. The main character Nicolette goes back to her hometown ten years after her best friend Corinne went missing. While she's at home her old boyfriend's girlfriend goes missing. She tries to find the truth about Corinne's disappearance ten years earlier while uncovering some truths about her friends!

Winter Storms: Elin Hilderbrand his hands down one of my favorite authors. I have always wanted to visit Nantucket, but her books make me want to visit even more. All of Elin's books take place on Nantucket and usually during the summer months. Over the last two years though she has released a winter novel. Winter Storms is the last in the trilogy of the Quinn family. It is such an easy read and will have you longing for Nantucket. If you haven't read the first two in the trilogy, I of course recommend doing so-  Winter Street is the first, Winter Stroll the second.

The Couple Next Door: If you liked Gone Girl, or The Girl on the Train, then you will definitely like this. Anne and Marco Conti look like they have it all- happy together, a wonderful home, and their beautiful baby named Cora. One night when they are at a dinner party next door, and a terrible crime is committed. Suspicion immediately arises but the truth is much more complicated. In the midst of all of this, Anne and Marco discover that they are both keeping secrets. 

The Good Girls Revolt: I cannot say enough good things about this! I first became interested in it when I watched the (short lived-boooo) series on Amazon. I because obsessed. Like spent hours googling anything and everything I could on the real powerhouses behind the story. If you aren't aware, Good Girls Revolt is about the women of Newsweek sued their bosses and basically paved the way for working women in the future. When this occurred, the highest women would get at a publication like Newsweek was a researcher, rarely a reporter. Lynn Povich, the author, was one of the ringleaders and accounts how this lawsuit changed and hasn't changed the workplace. 

The Woman in Cabin 10: This is another book for Gone Girl lovers. Lo Blacklock writes for a travel magazine and has just been given an assignment- she gets to attend a luxury cruise that only has a handful of cabins. While on this cruise, she is certain she sees someone get thrown overboard but everyone is accounted for and the cruise goes on as if nothing ever happened...

The Weekenders: This was such a great book. While this was released last year, I think it's a great, easy, read especially this time of year when it's bone chilling cold outside! Not only do I recommend this book but I do recommend all of Mary Kay Andrews' books- they are so good. She is definitely one of my go-to authors! In this novel, Riley Griggs is waiting for her husband at the ferry to head to the island of Belle Isle, North Carolina for the summer. She ends up being served with divorce papers, and finds that her husband is missing. While she turns to her friends for help, she finds that they all have their own, murderous, secrets.

Truly Madly Guilty: I was a fan of Big Little Lies and The Husband's Secret so I knew this would be a good one. I still think The Husband's Secret is my favorite one, but this one is still so good! In this novel, Sam and Clementine decide to attend a barbecue with their friend Erika. Fast forward two months, and Sam and Clementine can't stop thinking about what would have happened if they hadn't gone to that barbecue.

What She Knew:  I haven't read this one yet-this was another recommendation! In What She Knew, Rachel is at the park when her son Ben vanishes. The media focuses their attention on her, and of course her newly married sister-her husband happens to be Rachel's ex-husband. As Rachel tries to uncover the truth she starts to realize that danger could be closer to home than she realizes and not in the strangers she originally thought. 

Two by Two: I don't even know where to begin with Nicholas Sparks! I love all of his novels and know that I will most likely cry at one point or another! Something about this writing just draws you in. I love that they are easy reads, too. I haven't read this one yet, but it is on my list-without a doubt! Russel Green is a successful advertising executive with a great wife and an adorable six year old daughter. But in a matter of months, he finds himself without a job or a wife and is caring for his young daughter-all if this is his new reality...

Where'd You Go Bernadette: I read this a while ago-it's definitely not new, but this is worth revisiting. I really enjoyed this-kept my attention and was a relaxing, easy read! Bernadette lives in Seattle with her 15 year old daughter bee and her Microsoft guru husband. She has a seemingly good life. And then she vanishes. Her daughter does everything she can to find her mother from compiling emails to secret correspondence, to official documents...


Staying Warm

At this point in the winter (which we aren't even a month into) I am doing everything possible to just stay warm! I say this as we are on the cusp of a few days on temps in the 50's. That's not enough though! I know those warmer days are short lived and we will be right back to the biting, frigid temperatures we are currently experiencing.

With staying warm at the top of my priority list, it makes it kind of hard sometimes to not look ridiculously bundled. I know it's possible to stay warm and stylish. It definitely is. But you see, the colder it gets, the lazier I get with what I wear! I know I can't be the only one who gets like this!

I seem to be drawn to cardigan/cardigan sweaters lately. Like I can't get enough of them, especially cardigan sweaters. Old man in a 35 year old woman's body? Perhaps. Realizing how comfortable they are and how they can be worn out of the house and lounging around the house (maybe even sleeping in)? Yes.

(And let me say-we had the hardest time with these pictures....we were working against the sun setting and the lighting just wasn't cooperating with us-so frustrating!!)

Outfit Details:
Cardigan: Old Navy /// Tee Shirt: H&M /// Jeans: Target /// Boots: Chinese Laundry (similar) /// Jacket: Target /// Hat: Elizabeth & West (similar


2017: Goals, Goals, Goals

I always feel like it sounds so cliche when someone says "I don't believe in New Year's Resolutions, I make goals instead." I know they are different, but I also feel like they are essentially the same thing. If the end result is to make a change, or change something for the better, you're ultimately accomplishing a goal, or resolution, am I right? 

2016 was a good year. Just that. A good year. It wasn't a bad year, it wasn't an awesome year, just a good year. I think it's important to share that I am one day shy of turning 35. While I am a bit weirded out by turning 35, I will say that I want this year to be different. I don't think at the cusp of a new year or a new birthday I have ever said "this is going to be my year!"

Every year, I always hear of people choosing their word for the year. In the past, I had never chosen a word-I always thought it was kind of silly. 

But you see....I feel like this last year I have kind of let myself go. Not just in terms of how I look, but also in how I feel. I am by no means one of those Mom's that puts herself last. I have such a great family in that I know I  can slip away if I need to, or if I needed some 'me' time I would be gladly given it. I guess in the day to day, the dinner making, the running the business, the tucking into bed, the editing blog photos, I sort of forgot about myself! 

And it shows. At least to me it shows. It shows in the way I dress, the way I interact with my girls, the way I run my business, my mood, the plans I want to make and not make-and something needs to change. 

Goals need to be made (as cliche as I just said that sounds!) and focus needs to be shifted. With that in mind, my word of the year is ME. Me. 

Take better care of myselfOf course, the start of the year is the time when people really make a push to lose weight, get in shape, eat better, etc. In the past I have always had one goal in mind and that was to lose weight. This year, I am shifting my focus.

I know I have weight to lose-you'd have to be blind to not see that! That weight loss will come in time. I know it will, but for now, my focus this year is just getting healthy-inside and out!

I think what I have found that making small changes gradually is best for me as opposed to one big drastic change. Little things like drinking more water, exercising and eating better are the obvious things that need to change. Those are always, always a struggle for me, but I am prepared!

For me, and the point I am at in my life, I am actually more concerned with bettering my mental and emotional health more than my physical health. I am not an unstable person by any means, but sometimes ya just have to take a step back and focus on what's important, beyond the physical aspects. I think when that happens, everything else just sort of falls into place. 

I know this may sound a bit cray cray to some, but using my essential oils on a more regular basis helps. I would also love to take a stab at meditating. I tried it before and didn't get the hang of it, but I think I just need to find the right method (is that even the right terminology?), or even the right app on my phone. This would be an ideal way for me to start my day and something I would be willing to wake up a few minutes for each day!

Grow My Blog Creatively/Keep Editorial Calendar: I have always kept somewhat of an editorial calendar, but not as detailed as I would like it to be. I know I need to set aside some time each month to plan for the following month. What will my topics be, possibly what outfits I will feature, etc. I think I have done a decent job over the last (almost) five years of blogging being pretty consistent with what I have blogged about and how frequently I have posted. Despite that, I know I definitely have growing to do!

I feel as though if I plan a little bit more ahead of time, it will allow me to grow creatively. I would love to expand my content a little bit more. I think doing that will open up more opportunities! With that in mind, this is where YOU come in. What do you want to see more of? Less of? I've always toyed with the idea of incorporating my girls more, my life more on the blog, but at the same time my blog is my own little space for me. 

*What do you want to see more of?
*Less of?

Grow with God: My journey with faith has been long and sort of one sided until a few years ago. I grew up Catholic-went through all of the sacraments-baptism, communion, confirmation, marriage. I went to church every week with my family, but it was usually because I felt I had to go and not because I wanted to go. I didn't really feel I had a relationship with God-it was one sided. 

My husband grew up not going to church at all, and I stopped going as soon as I went to college. Without turning this into a novel, my husband and I found a local church similar to one we visited with friends while on vacation. We've since been going to a church for the past 5 years called LCBC and we couldn't be happier. I enjoy going to church. I look forward to it, and I know Ryan and the girls do too. I feel as though within the last year or so I have really started to grow in my relationship with God. I'd love to continue that. What's great is that my husband feels the same way. The conversations we have about Jesus and what He can do for us, for our family, and what we want to do for Him seem to be more frequent than before. This is something I truly want to continue to working on. 

My intention is to take some time every day to read the Bible and just talk to God. My husband and I started making this a habit in the fall, and then it sort of dwindled. When I read the Bible on a regular basis I feel like I went to bed more thankful, appreciative and happy. I know doing this will also help with my other goal of taking better care of me.

What about you all? What are some of your goals or even resolutions? Have any recommendations for me to grow my blog, my relationship with God, or even ways to focus on ME?!


The Red Jacket Strikes Again!

No, you aren't seeing things....I am wearing this jacket yet again! I am telling you-it is perfect! Like I've said before, I have always been hesitant to invest in a brightly colored jacket. Now I am thinking...what took me so long?!?!

I have gotten so much wear out of this jacket (you can see it here and here) in the short time I've had it. I am quite surprised at how much it goes with, from adorable plaids, to printed sweaters, to a basic gray sweatshirt and sneakers. There is something about tossing on a bright red jacket to get your day started!

I actually wore this outfit on New Year's day. Other than heading to Target for a few things, I was essentially a waste of space! We didn't do much other than lounging around, which this sweatshirt was perfect for. I literally tossed on my jeans and the hat before grabbing my jacket and heading out the door. The second we got home? Back into sweats for the rest of the day! That's one of the things I love about this sweatshirt

Outfit Details:
Jacket: Macy's /// Sweatshirt: Old Navy /// Tee: H&M /// Jeans: Elizabeth & West (similar) /// Shoes: Converse /// Hat: Target