Lately, there is nothing I love more than a little metallic and loafers lately. Combine the two and I am a happy camper! These Just Fab loafers were the perfect addition to my shoe collection (plus the price was pretty great, too).

I knew I wanted to pair them with this Lou & Grey sweater from Loft which I think dresses it up a bit. I can't wait to wear this sweater again in a more dressed down, cozy way-I am thinking a chunky sweater/tunic, leggings and booties would be perfect. 

Outfit Details:
Sweater: Loft /// Shirt: Target (similar) /// Jeans: Old Navy /// Shoes: Just Fab /// Hat: Target /// Purse: Target (similar)


Recent Beauty Favorites

I was drawing a complete blank as to what to blog about today. I haven't been that great keeping up with my editorial calendar the last couple of months, so I sometimes find myself scrambling for a post, especially when I don't have any outfit pictures, with no plans of taking any for the next couple of days (thank you rain and Hurricane Joaquin!).

Anyway, I left it up to you, my followers, to decide what I should blog about, and beauty products it is!

First up is my most recent lipstick favorites. I have really been into matte colors lately. I love their look, how smooth they feel and how long they last.

I am wearing L'Oreal's Colour Riche Collection Exclusive in Eva's Red. This has been my go-to color lately. It glides on so smoothly and lasts all day. I do reapply here and there, mainly because as it wears off, it looks like I have lipliner on with no lipstick (I think it's how I apply it). It also kind of has a baby powderish scent/taste to it, which I thought was odd at first, but now I love it! 

I had been looking for the perfect nude/brown/burgundy shade (I hate to admit it, but similar to why Kylie Jenner wears sometimes. Can't stand her, but love the lip color). I knew she probably used a super expensive brand so I went on the hunt for a less expensive version. 

I remember seeing a commercial (or maybe an ad in a magazine?) for Maybelline's new matte Color Sensational colors. I bought two colors (one a suuuuuper deep burgundy that I am not quite sure about yet) and the color I am wearing, Nude Nuance. It is perfect. Applies so well, is so smooth, and also lasts a long time! Plus, you can't beat the drug store prices. 

I have been using Redken's Pillow Proof express primer  for quite some time now-I know I have chatted about it a few times on my blog when sharing my beauty favorites. It is still a favorite of mine. I don't skip using it when I have washed my hair-any chance I get to save a few minutes I take! 

About a month ago my hair stylist (Rebecca at Midtown Hair Company is amazing for those of you that are local) recommended Redken's new Two Day Extender dry shampoo. I use dry shampoo all the time, even when I have just washed my hair so I was eager to give it a try. Needless to say it has replaced what I was using before, plus it smells so good! 

Redken was kind enough to send me my favorites so I am fully stocked (woo hoo!) in addition to their new Diamond Oil Glow Dry. It is a protective hair treatment that smoothes, softens and conditions hair while strengthening it. It also is to cut down on blow drying time! I am eager to use it next time I wash my hair! If it is anything like their Pillow Proof dry shampoo and express primer then I know it will be awesome!

I'm loving all of the colors in the Butter London & Allure collection for the fall. My absolute faves are the Lust of Must? (top middle...sort of like a charcoal brown) and It's Vintage (top left). I feel like it's the perfect summer to fall transition. I'm not quite ready for the deep burgundy, but not ready to let go of the bright red. I think It's Vintage is the perfect middle! 

What are your most recent beauty favorites?!? I'd love to know!


Poncho Sunday

I don't know about you, but I am loving this new poncho trend that is happening. I think it's the overall look of them, the variety of styles, prints, colors, and we can't forget the fact that they are so comfortable.

The thing about ponchos and getting them to work for you is all about styling. Most ponchos I have come across are one size which can be a good thing (makes it appeal to more sizes) but also a bad thing (doesn't fit everyone). I have tried on a few ponchos that just didn't work for me because I was either too short, or the one size was just too big for me (which is rare, because I am not the tiniest person on the block).

The trick is to just try on. Luckily, they are something you don't need to get fully undressed for in a fitting room! I usually just find the nearest mirror and toss it on over my outfit!

I loved the idea of adding a belt to it, just to give myself some sort of figure! I did wear it the night before unbelted and it was so comfortable!

Outfit Details: 
Poncho: Loft /// Jeans: Elizabeth & West (email to inquire) /// Shoes: Old Navy (cute option) /// Hat: Target /// Belt: Loft 


Breaking Out the Ankle Booties

One of my favorite fall staples is the ankle bootie. For the past couple of fall/winter seasons I have worn a favorite pair or two repeatedly. With that said, I typically buy a new pair every season as well just because of that very reason. I wear them so much!

For me, sticking with a neutral sand/stone/taupe color has worked best for me. I have gotten the most wear out of them because the color is so neutral and versatile.

I wore this dress a few weeks ago on the blog (as well as pretty much every other day). I love it so much that I have been thinking of various ways to style it into the fall season. Seeing that I wore this pretty much identical outfit a few weeks ago, the only thing that I obviously needed to change to make it more seasonally appropriate were the shoes!

Outfit Details:
Dress: Elizabeth & West Fashion House /// Cardigan: Target /// Shoes: Target /// Hat: Target /// Necklace: Vivi /// Bracelets: c/o Alex and Ani, c/o My Saint My Hero

Here are a few neutral ankle booties that I wouldn't mind having in my wardrobe:


Rewear: High Waist Jeans

Yep. They are back again. I wore these jeans for Monday's post but in a more comfy/casual way. I figured I would dress them up a bit just to show their versatility and how easy it is to take a pair of jeans like these from day to night, casual to dressy. I kept the shirt (and jeans, duh.) the same but swapped my plaid button up for this vest (that has been in my closet for at least a year!) and my sneakers for heels. I also knotted the shirt again to show off the high waistedness (I know that's not even a word, but I am making it one) of the jeans. After all, whats the point of wearing them if you can't even tell?

I love being able to change something as simple as a top or shoes to take an outfit from day to night.

Outfit Details:
Vest: Target /// Tee: Target /// Jeans: Loft /// Shoes: Just Fab /// Purse: Target (similar) /// Sunglasses: Target /// Necklace: Dogeared  via Elizabeth & West